Hey! anyone from South Carolina here?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by MR DUCKY OYEA, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Hey! im Kyle im 18. im from charleston but i live up near the capitol, if ur from sc maybe we can meet up and smoke a bowl some time haha
  2. Just saw this thread, ha yeah I'm in SC.
  3. How close you to the capitol? Got a buddy headed there this weekend to hang with some members. I see a Grasss city session in order! Welcome to the city!
  4. I go to CofC but I'm from Long Island
  5. I'm from charleston here
  6. Charleston here from Boston i go to Charleston southern
  7. Famouly HOT Columbia here
  8. downtown charleston here

  9. 803 we in here
  10. im livin around charleston but from nj...significantly terrible drought for me here...any idead message me
  11. From N. Chas area here :)
  12. Been in charleston for 13 years but originally from NJ. Now is the first time since moving here that I havent had to worry about testing. It has been quite a while indeed and I'm wondering where to begin. Sadly, I'm a bit too old for the college scene. Holy crap time flies.
  13. Ive been smoking hindu kush and official og kush
  14. Nice, I've never had og kush but reading up on it it sounds pretty trippy.
  15. reppin murrells inlet
  16. Yea og kush is an good high
  17. Wondering if anyone will be offering holiday buds in downtown charleston tonight. I've heard that around the Music Farm can be a good place to try, anyone in the know? Merry Christmas! :)

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