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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by storm38, Apr 18, 2002.

  1. well new to this site, what i have read so far is excellent, a buddy from fla. turned me onto this site, thanks tripman... well i am a novice grower working on my second plant at this time, using a drip feed hydro system with 400w mh for veg and 400w hps for flower, #2 looks amazing, when a camera is available i will post some pics, well thats all for now have a great one storm38
  2. Heya m8 how goes it? Well Im glad you finally stopped by. Im sure you have already noticed if you have read any of the threads in the city you should know that these guys rock they post daily so there is always something new to read about. Anyway m8 Im glad you came and Im sure you will recieve a big welcome.

  3. thanks tripman appreciate sending me here what i have had a chance to read so far is excellent
  4. nice to meet ya. See ya in the forums. -Jada
  5. nice to meet u too!!!
  6. Living near the swamps, I rarely welcome storms!!!! LOL

    HIGH storm, always glad to "see" a new "Blade" at the CITY!! :wave: :smoke:
  7. well i am in north western canada and storms are just a part of life here so i felt it was fitting, i am also married with children so it all fits..hahaha really enjoyed what i have read so far, and appreciate all the friendly comraderie

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