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  1. I got some seeds from my few buds, can I plant these?
    Also, could someone point me in the direction on which threads/guides to actually use? There are so many on this forum, some different critique that I cannot be sure what to exactly do. I am on a low budget and don't have much space/room.
    Would I need to order special soil, lights, etc. , online or can I go to a local home garden/Lowes.
    It's usually temps around 50-20 right now, don't know if I should start growing now when I have the supplies, or wait. I got a couple hundred dollars on amazon, if that helps.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Yeah you can use them. Really you just need soil and a alright light. Most people say not to use miracle grow but I've seen people use it successfully. Look for grow journals that have been going awhile, read, read and read some more. Then cracked a seed. Pot of soil and a bunch of CFL bulbs and you can have a successful grow but you'll get back what you put into it. I'd suggest a 400-600w ballast. You can pick up a decent light kit on amazon.
  3. Virtual hydroponics just had a deal on amazon. 400 W for $140. I bought it. Comes with hps and mh Agro bulbs. Not sure if it's still on sake but it grows them like crazy.
  4. Could you link me? If so, what else would I need if I bought that? (Growing stuff, etc.)?

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