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    Greetings from Cleveland everyone! Let me start with a bit about myself:

    I'm a nineteen year old student, born and raised here in Ohio. I guess it's an okay place to live in, but I hope to move out to California soon. Aside from the obvious, my other hobbies include writing, PC gaming, basketball and football, movies, chasing girls, the usual shit.

    I like all types of music except for most country music, but I tend to naturally gravitate towards rap, both old school and some new stuff.

    I've been cheefin heavily for a good six years now, and I've always lurked around GC behind the shadows (as a guest), and I've always consulted you all for my toking-related questions. But I don't know what really compelled me to officially join up.

    I've also been working on a stoner/action/adventure novel, so look out for possible upcoming installments in The Artist's Corner.

    Anyway, I'll wrap this up and smoke a bowl before this gets too long. Look forward to hearing from everyone, and stay high...

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