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Hey All You Bubble Hash Lovers...enter here>>>>>

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. HIGH All, sitting at home and wanted to show to some of my Good City Friends it's not just pussie I suck on!!!!

    <embed src= "" autostart="true" loop="true" height="25" width="175">
  2. haha who doesnt love bubble hash? thats fuckin sick though :smoking:

    edit-i could live off of purely pussy and green for like 9-13 weeks forsure
  3. You could cut the bottom off a bottle a use that to suck up the smoke.
  4. thats sickkkk
  5. thats a sick shot. your chin kinda looks like a testicle but seriously that action shot was cool
  6. ROFL.......omg that was funny as shit dude..........LOL :smoking:
  7. niceeee. Knifers :love:
  8. haha what a bad ass, i like this dude

  9. HIGH All, *LOL*...a fuck man are we Laughing here on The WET Coast...Thanks for pointing that out....if the Adim's think this is pono...please delete!! *LOL* man I can't stop...........................

    Edit: Ok..can someone help me out..I have a great song that would grow with this thread. I have it on MP3 and need someone to tell me how to put it here???
  10. Alot of people would use a bottle but after a few decades pracaticing looks like unoit has it down to a T..

    Nice pic mate..My pussie wouldnt let me get close with all that growth..
  11. damn that is lieka mlikshot in the air!!! lol
  12. dope shot of doin' some blades, only way to smoke hash and oil.

  13. HIGH All, *LOL* I know tetra...I know..*LOL*'s ok though up here on The WET Coast a little Bush and a "Logged out area" grow a long way *LOL*.

    Come on someone must know How I can put this song on here so you All can be where I am...*LOL*...$$Gulp,Glup$$...

    Edit: hey thanks Mr. Gr3en, steezy...should see me when I first wake up.(insert buzzzzzed smilie *here*)
  14. unoit! That is a sweeeeeeeeet shot! Kodak momment for sure.

    roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor! ;)
  15. Why don't you just tell us what the song is? Then maybe we can play it if we have it. Nice pic by the way, kinda artsy...I like it alot +rep :smoke:
  16. Unoit, first transfer the song to your computer (connect the cable, send it to your comp.) then upload it on and post the upload link on grass city.
  17. get ya..

    Im sorry but im hopeless on pcs..Im still trying to find out how to make songs into mp3s so i can burn them to dont look at me mate..

    Looks like your having a good night..Is lhm there??
  18. lol, that testicle thing had me laughing for ages! :D

  19. HIGH All, *LOL*...they used to call me a "WET Coast Logger eh!!!)..he just Leafed...we spent the day together and went down Island to pick up supplies...took our Dad..*LOL*..he loves us.

    Hey NudistDudist..****Looks away Sheepishly****...growing to do this now..Thanks Bro!!!!


    Now what fun would that be...I have to learn I want you guys to hear it here.

    <embed src= "" autostart="true" loop="true" height="25" width="175">
  20. Haha, I'm just jealous you're listening to an ill song and I'm not when I am so absolutely blazed like I am right now :D

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