hey all, need opinions on my setup

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by told, Apr 12, 2006.

    Width: 10inches
    Length: 20inches
    Height: 20.5inches

    im doing a SCROG grow.

    i have a rig of 4 compact flouro bulbs wired into a mechanical system, all hung from the lid of the grow box.

    the lumen output of each bulb is 2900 and they are 45 watts each. very very bright.

    so i have 4 currently, @ 11,600 total lumens. If i do this on a scrog grow in a grow box, will i yield enough? i want to use these for the entire grow.

    I may rig 2 more of the same bulbs into the rig and get a total lumen output of 17,400. I did some research and thats more than some 150 watt hps systems.

    i do not want to use HPS or MH because of the heat out put, this is a secret grow and i want to be incogneeto about it.

    will i yeild a good harvest with 17,400 lumens on 2-4 plants using SCROG?

    is this equation correct?
    Square Feet: 1.38'

    @ 11,600 Lumens
    Footcandles (fc) = 8405 Lumens per square foot.

    @ 17,800 Lumens
    Footcandles (fc) = 12,898 Lumens per square foot.

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