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Discussion in 'General' started by cryptix420, May 26, 2009.

  1. So, I just smoked a blunt of White Widow with some homegrown Strawberry Cough mixed in. I was bored so I recorded part of the session. Enjoy :wave:

    Regular Swisher Sweet


    The Goods



    Waiting to be Rolled


    Ready to Go


    The Session

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywbZAjun5cA"]YouTube - White Widow[/ame]
  2. hahah it looks like every hit you take pains you.. not hatin just statin :)

    lol at is this thing even recording
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    Lol I saw that too after I watched it. It's that dank, all those crystals make the smoke intense.

  4. Nice bud looks frosty!
  5. haha, i get like that maybe at the end of a blunt just cause i still take hits like its a normal L.

    that video is just funny, in the car while in the background people are walking around at a park or something.
  6. Lol, that's what is so great about California.
  7. HAHAHA :laughing:

    Dude, there were just people walkin and shit behind you...they could definitely see all the smoke they walked like right behind you as you were releasing your first hit haha. Then all the cars just drivin around haha. That was hilarious.
  8. Gotta give you some rep for the Ratatat man, great fuckin choice.

    Dank nugs too man, have fun with that.

  9. fatass blunt.. i prolly would've passed out halfway through
  10. haha man i think this thread was your 420th post. Thats a nice ass blunt:smoking:.

    edit: o it was your 419th but still that 2nd post was your 420th. haha
  11. nice, i like how you're just sitting in the open haha, we do that shit all the time in Texas but people aren't nearly as chill about it as they are in cali.
  12. That was a fuck lot of weed for one joint.
  13. you mean a blunt? and that's about average, probably a g or 1.2g's or so.
  14. That video was entertaining for some reason. And you seem chill man, i'd burn one with you:smoking:.

  15. Aha well over here noone makes blunts, even dealers really.

    So i just called it a joint.

    Anyway yeah, that looks like a fucking lot! Might have to try putting that much into one myself.
  16. Haha +rep dood for being so chill.. and not really worrying about the people and the cars.. other people would NEVER smoke in a place like that..
  17. Lol yeah I noticed it earlier it made me never want to post again so I would always stay there lol.

    Lol thanks man :) too bad you're on the other side of America.

    You should. It gets you super baked. Especially if it's dank.

  18. well when you smoke dank the smoke is actually much easier to inhale then mid or schwag. its very smooth, light, and you can barley feel it coming in.

    but you downed a whole blunt and the end was prob harsh and no breaks at all inbetween hits was prob why you looked hurting but im sure you were mad high and def seem like a chill dude to blaze 1 with. thanks for sharing, it always nice to see others high
  19. Lol yeah that damn tobacco product in the wrap. Gets me every time.

  20. damnnnn thats some good looking budd man. both pics as well.

    anyone got any small solutions to growing like 2 plants but they are some really good BC dankk seeds that i want to start with. just untill i have a new bactch of seeds becase i only have two.

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