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  1. I am a new grower due to a health issue.:cool: I grow indoor with metal 1000 (veg) due to flower in about 1 day then I will switch to sodium 1000. I have 6 plants 4 p-kush, 1 magic merlin and 1 bubba k. I have them in air pots and so far so good I am having a lot of yellowing of the leaves on the kush plants they are short and bushy the others are tall and not so bushy with no yellowing. I use
    a ph meter, filtered water, flora nova and plant friendly molassas I am working with Medical growers
    bible by jorge... anyway now that I have bored you to death what is the yellowing coming from?? they look healthy but each new level of growth is having 3 or 4 yellowish leaves. the big plants are 24" the others are 18" also any idea of the possible yeild? thanks:eek:
  2. Welcome to the city!

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