Hey All, from Humboldt KushyGirl

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by KushyGirl, May 5, 2011.

  1. :wave:Hey Peeps, I am new to the site, and forum/blogging in general, but not so much to smoking medicine. I am a twenty-year old woman from PA originally, but now I'm reppin' 'Boldt! hope to have a lot of fun on this site...

    see ya!
  2. What's crackin baby girl. I had the chance to visit HSU a few years ago, had some of the better green there. They called it 'turmoil'. Until the second hit, I never knew why ;)

    Welcome to the forums, it's so laid back, you might just catch some zzz's here.
  3. Thanks Man! I've never tried that before, and I feel pretty noob-ish about all the different strains and their effects, hoping to get some practice and refinement of my 'technique' up here... the local shops are amazing for carrying all things smokable! Ive never seen any place like H-Boldt County!:hello::smoke:

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