Hey all - brand new to site. Need help figuring what vaporizer to get

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  1. Hey all,

    I have recently been prescribed medical marijuana for my cancer pain. I prey that it works. I've been involved with vaping e cigs for 8 years now. However, I know absolutely nothing about the marijuana side of vaping.

    For my prescription I was able to choose delivery type and I chose "vaping". The marijuana will be in "oil" format the prescription says. So I guess. need to get a vaporizer that can vape this oil.

    I'm assuming the marijuana side of things has like a pen type vaporizer. The brief research I've done , seems to dictate that they can come prefilled or they can come where you can refill it yourself with the oil. I would be interested in the ones that I fill myself.

    What is a good website/company to buy from and which models would ya all suggest?.

    I know on the ecig side of things in the beginning I spent $150 on a vaporizer that could be bought for $29 bucks if I would have known where n what to buy. I also went through like 10 devices before I found one I liked. I hoping to avoid those mistakes on the marijuana side.

    Your input would be so much appreciated. Hoping to spend 50 dollars or less if that's possible - can you get a halfway decent one at that price? If not what do you recommend . Thank you all

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  2. I'm a novice with Vape pens and have read extensive reviews, ratings and U-Tube video's. I purchased two pen which offer slightly different attributes.

    I purchased PUFFCO Pro and Linx / Hypnos. Which I'm pleased with. Link offers excellent air flow and easy temp settings. Both have good wax or concentrate capacity.

    With pre-filled cartridges I purchased two by ABX Absolute, based on ratings, quality, price and recommendation of store in SF, SF Fogg. It's reasonable and neat @$35.00, 1/2 gram. What I read about refillable cartridges is the mess and purity being maintained.
    The Eureka cartridge is also good, yet there is an existing leaking issue. With all cartridges retain in vertical position when not in use. Cover with cap if provided or use clear warp.
    One benefit of buying a pen is you may use various forms of concentrates, plus use battery/temp switch and simply screw on ABX, Eureka cartridges.
    Note: on first few hits inhale slowly...hits are strong!

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