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Discussion in 'General' started by crisco, Feb 20, 2004.

  1. i have a couple questions for you (by the way, if you dont want this here I'll delete it or something, just tell me)
    My questions are about painkillers:
    1) is it normal to have a bad taste in your mouth afterwards?
    2) if you rip it (snort it) how much of a pill should you do? i have heard 1/2 a pill and 1 whole pill. I am on 1/2 right now and not feeling anything. they are i think 350 vicodin (watsons)
    3) how long does it take to hit you?
    yeah sorry if you dont want me to have this... tell me and ill delete it ASAP... just send me a PM... i would have done it for you but I dont know how.
  2. i dont know how to send a PM... sorry.

  3. wellllllllll lets see if i can help you here.

    1) you mean that nasty mediciny gross bitterness? of course. ESPECIALLY if you snorted it, your bound to get some garbage in your mouth.

    2) i quit snorting anything back in the 9th grade after some stupid moves i made. But i do know its ALOT more powerful. try cutting your average does to 2/3s the norm, maybe even half. you can always take a bit more later, but its really hard to unsnort it back out :p

    3) when ever i take any, i swear i can feel it within 30 seconds. (probably placebo, but its nice) real strong effects start WITHIN 30 minutes, usually around 20. Full effects at about 50mins to an hour.

    anyways, hope i could help.

    dont do em too often. addiction is bad, and tolerance to painkillers comes QUICK!! if you do build a tolerance, dont start taking more, quit untill a regular dose gives you the desired effects again.
  4. Vics get really weak really fast...the only thing they gave me for my last operation was vicodin which didn't nearly do as much as the morphine iv...mm...strange feeling, that. The tolerance builds extremely quickly, and if you ever need to use them for pain or whatever, you will need to watch out on how many you're taking...I was taking 5 of the stupid things to get rid of my pain...and it still didn't work...
    I say they just prescribe hash from now on.

    Oh, and when you snort that shit you're also snorting acetamophen, a headache reliever. It sure as hell isnt pure opiate. I'm sure you could just trade the vics for a small bag..which is what I did.
  5. yeah actually I wound up selling some to my dealer really cheap and he hooked me up with a fat bag for like $10 cheaper than usual.

  6. Right on! :smoke:

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