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  1. Hi,

    This is my first post. I'm glad I found this forum, a lot of help but I think I have a problem with my plant, she is about 6-7 week of flowering.
    I use fert. Canna Coco A and B same quantity from beggining, the plant grew great until now...
    The small leaves from top and also some bigger are not looking so good, no spots or stuff like that but they are not normal extended, they start rolling a little to up or down.
    Please look at the pictures, I don't know how to explaine, my english is not so good.
    Things I've tried in the last 3 days:
    I put the light far away to eliminate the high temp posibility.
    I put less water to elimitate the overwatering posibility.
    I put another fan for more air circulation.

    I don't know what to try next...

    Can anyone please identify the problem ? I'm worried.

    Thank you,
    Take care everybody :wave:

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  2. What is your lighting ???


  3. is 400 watts light air cooled for flowering stage
  4. New pics.
    The rolled leaves are not soft when I touch them.
    Any ideas?

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  5. Are you doing anything differents to this one that any other of your plants? Could be just a freak....You're not still using veg nutes are you? I'd say don't trip man, make sure your ventalation is addequate. Also a PH test wouldn't hurt.
  6. Don't have other big plant in flowering. I use the same nutes, same dose from beginning ( nutes is shortcut to nutrients right ? )
    Canna Coco A and B.
    Also the bottom buds looks ok, I'm not sure but I think the plant is now growing more the bottom buds, they have a fresh green colour.
  7. I don't know your problem but your lower buds look more fresh and green because they are less mature.
  8. some new pics.
    i don't see any change...or i'm looking too much at it.
    how does she looks ?

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  9. Lookin good for me !!!

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    Hey, some new pictures. Today I see some brown/yellow spots on top leaves and also some little black spots on a couple of fan leaves. :mad:

    Also there is a picture with a bud where the white pistils turned a little to brown. Is that normal now at 7 week of flowering ?

    Can you please look at pictures and tell what are those spots ?

    Thanks all.

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  11. honestly bud. i think your plant is just preparing itself for harvest. u said about 7 weeks in right? sounds like your plant is ready to be smoked. maybe give it another week or to with plain water to flush it out.
  12. The plant is not ready to be smoked. :eek:
    I took a better picture with the black dots on leaves.
    Any good advice please ?

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  13. over 150 views and so many advices... a lot of helpers here :poke:
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    no way that plant is ready for harvest, those pistils are still as white as casper
    to OP, i've seen this on plants i've had before, it's due to an Acidic PH, atleast that was the problem when i ran into it, flush your plant with some Neutral PH water, no nutes, nothing. and then keep us updated.

    as to the black things on the leafs, they look like dirt or something? never seen it before.

    also, if it's almost at 8 weeks flowering, i wouldnt worry to much about it. just finish your plant out.
  15. CSn0w: thanks for answer. I did a flush without nutes only ph adjuster it seems the burning didn't spread on other leaves until now. I will start putting less nutes.
    Now, I'm worried about the black dots on the leaves(is not dirt, looks like bug poo or eggs) and some little mosquitos flying around. I killed all I can find (5-6) with my hands and I'm thinking to put some kind of ladybugs I found outdoor(picture attached)...they start having sex in the first 2 minutes after I put them together :)
    The other red bug was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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  16. and also, since you're so late into flowering, i would start doing Molasses water feedings to help fatten the buds, although i can tell you have a few weeks left judging by how mature those flowers look.

    and as for those bugs, i cant say i've seen those fuckers before, put some diatomaceous earth ontop of your soil and it'll fuck their day up.

  17. Horny buggies :D

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