Hey a few questions those perscribed to addaral..

Discussion in 'General' started by boredjim8, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. I took some addral and im feeling rellly energetic and awake the whole day .. i was wondering is it hard to get a perscription if i talked to a doctor about it.. i truelye do have a case of ADD and constantly just not payin attention.. if i really felt it would help me finish my school work and do better is it worth it?

    i tookd 60mg imf ucked up hehe =D
  2. lol wait for the comedown.

    Aderol sucks, I used to have a perscription to it.. tbh if you take just your perscribtion every day it wont do much.. and if you start abusing it every day, or even every week it will start fuckin with ya
  3. I got high on adderal once. I stayed up all night blowin those capsule ones, and some smaller tablet ones. Then I came down, it wasnt like as bad as coke or anything. But I didnt have enough fun on em to do it again.
    Im sure a script would be easy to get.
  4. I know for a fact that if you are a student in college you can get them prescribe to you just for studying and concentration purposes. My best friend gets them and likes them I don't personally, never like being wired. I will talk to him shortly and see what exactly you have to say... I know its very easy for anyone over 18 and they will start you out with the smallest dosage...my BUDdy even claims to know what to say after the next visit to get bigger ones.:D be back later with results
  5. I probly wont .. actully if i got my own script i woudnt . .abuse them .. i mean i thought of taht fact after a while ur body builds tolorance to it and it stops doing it purpose so thats a drawback.. ;\ o well ill think about it thanks for info
  6. dont do it man. my parents put me on ritalin in first grade and then i switched to adderall in middles school. dont get put on it man. i depend on it now. If i dont take it, i fucking flip out at people i love. please its not worth it, learn good study habits cuz becoming dependent on a mild amphetamine is not fun. my two pennies.

  7. ah.. i completly forgot about how people got addicted .. hmph .. o well im just gonna stick w/ mj and buyin them off the street to abuse on weekends and big tests thanks for the advice scooby

    edit: and what cockbag parents put a kid on rittilin in the first fuckin grade? heh .. sry ur parents are probly not cockbags :\ but stil lgive u some time .. should waited till 4th grade at the very least i woudnt of even botherd till sevent tho with my kid if he had some serious add and really needed it.. 1st grade.. that is just sad :(
  8. theyre only good if you do them on a occasion, no more than 7-8 times a month imo
  9. why dont you just complain about all your stress and anxiety and get a script for xannies, they're worth it...
  10. because im not lookin for something to get fucked up on im tryin to get something to keep me awake during the school day and lsiting to the teacher instead of daydreaming the whole time.. or thinkin of other shit like how iw anna toke.. casue i do try to do it myself .. ill be like JIM PAY ATTENTION .. 10 mins later il lbe lookin down at desk thinkin of stupid shit then yellin at myself (all in my head) to stop doin it .. its jsut out of my controll..

    edit: and omg that 60mg fucked me up.. i coldnt see straight and i cant stop gridning my teeth i forget not to do it.. thy hurt so bad :(

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