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Discussion in 'Blockchain and Crypto Currencies' started by Superjoint, Oct 13, 2017.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Little about Hextra Coin

    Hextra coin is a coin who uses peer to peer system which facilitates users in transacting

    Hextra coin uses intelligent bot trading which will give the voting profit its day stp software (such as bcc and regal)

    The maximum amount of supply coin HXT only 29 million coins with 9 million will be traded during the ICO period. Every day 300 thousand coins sold out to the world.
    So who can he quickly yaa

    System profit in HXT is the sun system or there is a bonus depth.

    HXT uses lending system for passive profit to members and shorter term of contract


    by selling 9 million Hextra Coins for 30 days and 300,000 Hextra Coins will be sold every day as per the schedule.


    October 2017
    Web wallet
    DDos attack protection

    November 2017
    Start Lending Program
    Listing in coinexchange and novaexchange
    Target Price 20 $

    Listing at coinmarketcap
    Launch wallet android and iOS
    Target price 50 $
    Security improvement

    January 2018
    Mining pool launch-can mining
    New mobile wallet
    Improve website

    Web Site: https://hextracoin.com
    Facebook: HextraCoin
  2. Never heard of this will try to follow it :p so many coins I wish I knew which to jump into head firsst!!
  3. I want a crypto I can gpu/cpu mine and make money @!!
  4. I'm mad I didn't buy Hextra coin during the ICO. It was $1 and hit exchanges at $17.
  5. This article seems to think Hextracoin is coin is a scam: https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/hextracoin/

    I am not sure if Hextracoin is a scam, but best to be cautious when investing in new coins. Do your research before buying in and regretting it later on. Would love to hear if anyone finds anything that discredits or legitimizes Hextracoin.
  6. Bitcoin and hex are literally the same thing; they are backed by the same thing, that being, well, nothing.

    Any type of money that isn't money is technically a scam. Even money itself is technically a scam because it also is no longer backed by anything, although at one time it was.

    Basically, your entire financial existence is bullshit.

    Sent from my shithole using my fuckface
  7. Hextracoin atm is doing an exit scam, so avoid it like the plague.

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