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  1.        Alright so I'm about to acquire some pretty good dry ice extracted kief. I'm trying to figure out what is the best way to make some amazing fucking oil out of this kief. At first i was just going to use my normal method of extraction and use sub zero frozen iso. Then i started to remember about hexane and how as a chemical it doesn't extracted any water solubles. The Process for hexane is pretty simple, you add your material to your hexane, keep it cool, and release pressure for up to 12 hours of soak time. then evap off just like you would if you where making qwiso, Just be sure that you have proper ventilation because this stuff is flammable as fuck. Anyway, after you have everything evaped off, you have two options, 1. redissolve your HHO into some everclear or ethanol, and re evaporate your liquid off. or you can 2. vacuum purge your HHO how it is.
    if you use ethanol it acts as a winterizing agent for your oil too.
    Anyway dont be stupid guys obviously there is a more of a process and more precautions to be used with hexane. i just want to know Has anyone of you guys tried this? 

  2. been looking into hexane for a while but from my personal research you have a correct method to produce a BOMB oil for ingestion. As I haven't had the chance to try this yet, I cannot give you definite advice. Hope someone else can chime in on this!!
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  3. I'm half tempted to go get some hexane just to try it, it's pretty expensive though, and I'd hate to fuck up my kief. But yeah from all the research I've done too, it would be some bomb oil. I think it's sweet how the ethanol acts like a scrubbing agent for the hexane and evaps that off with the alcohol vapors.

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  4. Its definitely a costly solvent to be extracting with - finding food grade ethanol can be a hassle too, unless you know of a source for each already. But yeah! It's an interesting method I cannot wait to experiment with. I wouldn't call it wasting kief  :smoking:  but; i'd use fresh frozen trim if possible, or trim in general.
  5. It's only wasting it if I fuck it up lol. I would use the trim, it's a little more forgiving. But my guy takes all his trim to make this and doesn't want to give me the trim. Stupid but whatever, better quality in, better out.

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    I know absolutely nothing about Hexane.

    But I noticed someone suggest using trim instead of just keef. Why?

    Again, I've never used hexane, but I did a QWISO wash last night with keef containing a little plant matter, as opposed to the usual - unaltered, ground trim.

    Even though it looked like it extracted a lot of chlorophyll at first (somehow), my shatter came out amazing. Most potent oil I've made yet, and I've done nug runs, trim runs, a mix of the two, and then this.

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415721623.856675.jpg

    My point: Try it. I've found it reasonably difficult so far to ruin keef.
  7. I've never done a kief qwiso run but I'm excited to. That's the other thing that worries me though about using ISO instead of hexane or something, that I'm using dry ice extracted kief. Which means depending on how long my guy wants to shake the damn bag determines how much plant material is in my kief.
    If I use ISO, since the plant material is just about the same size as the trichomes, it worries me that it might just extract the bad shit as well.
    Ether way with the keif I plan on putting it in refillable teabags and then just letting it chill in my liquid ISO or hexane until my colors right in my solution.

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