Hesitant about ordering seeds online...Can i go to jail??

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    Hey Gc watsup,
    OK so recently ive been getting fed up with expensive NY prices and started doing some research on growing.
    Im currently living with relatives, and ive got a decently sized walk in closet that i could use for a grow if i cleared it out, the closet is about 4 feet wide x 8 feet long.
    So after doing a bit of researching online about the whole growing process, (i just want to stick with the simple way using pots and soil) i asked my fam if it would be ok if i started a little closet grow when i get back home from vacation in september.
    They said they would think about it.
    I didnt really explain much to them, since they dont really like talking about the subject i guess cuz whenever i mention weed they gets dis-interested and walks away while im in mid sentence.
    But once i mentioned that i would be buying the seeds online, they flipped and said 'Imnot going to jail' and said i couldnt grow, this dissapointed me cuz i was really looking forward to getting a small closet grow started.

    Now, my question is,
    how can i convince them that with a reliable site that no one is gonna get busted.
    I just saw a thread where someone asked if they would go to jail if feds found out about seeds getting shipped to they're place, the replies said that they can be seized but you cant get 'busted' neccasarily.
    And what are some good RELIABLE online seed banks, and any tips for growing, ive never attemped this before but im really excited to start.
    Also, what precautions should i take when ordering the seeds, send in cash or get a pre-paid credit card with no name on it and basically non traceable, since they think they can trace it back and get the cops.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. wish this was an answer but very interested in progress i 2 am hoping 2 order seeds online or trade seeds with some other breeders but i want new genetics too and dont know how to do it safely
  3. if you use highgradeseeds.com they stealth ship to USA, you have to send cash so no need for c/cards. They are reliable and have VERY good genetics. You can get them sent to a different address from the place you will be growing and you can also use a false name if you want.

    personally i don't have this problem cos i'm in the UK but the US growers here really rate HGS.

    dr.chronic is also a reliable supllier that ships to USA.

    hope this helps
  4. I used Money order to seed boutique sent to friends address - still waiting though & sill nervous.
  5. they'll give you the classic 'your mail contained a restricted item etc. etc.' letter, that is if they find them. I would say most people get an 80% delivery rate. You won't get arrested unless you send a ton of seeds and they tell you to stop, and you continue doing this. Hence why people tell you to use a different address then your grow op as well as a different name. No trace back to you, as well as denial that the mail is in fact yours.
  6. you wont go to jail for possessing seeds in the US. Especially 1st offense
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    Kool i was already looking around for sites and found a few good ones, now my choice is between HGS or Dr Chronic, but i still dont know how to convince them its actually safe, hopefully i can talk to them about it. I remember back when i started smoking the problem with it was 'oh it comes from other countries it could have other shit in it' so growing my own seems a lot safer, a lot cheaper, and a lot more fun than dealing with dealers.
  8. just get the seeds sent somewhere else and say you got them out of a bag of weed
  9. ok im going to go over the BASICS of how ANY online purchase works... you pick a product to buy, click add to cart, go to cart, fill out everything and click send... the MOMENT you click send all of the information on that site that YOU entered is encrypted, and possibly re-encrypted (depending on how lazy the webmaster is) and LITERALLY sent around the world through thousands of miles of fiber optic cables.... it reaches the seller's server... decrypted (their site they've gotta be able to see all that info to process the order)... which means in lamens terms that once you click send, all that info pretty much gets turned into a bunch of meaningless 0s and 1s unless you have the proper program to put those 0s and 1s back in their proper place... as far as the government tracing your purchase, highly unlikely... when any US agency puts a watch on a website like that, typically they look for people buying in extremely LARGE quanities and ones being shipped into the states... the pocession of seeds themselves is a misdemenor in most states, which is why these alhpabet agencies hold on to this information for a undisclosed amount of time (why get a slap on the wrist when 3 months later they can get you for cultivation and pocession with intent which are FELONIES) the average joe just wanting to grow a small amount of bud for personal use they are simply not going to put in the man hrs to de-encrypt your info just to pop some kid with a simple pocession charge... they're looking for the large grow ops... do go on there and spend friggin $15,000 in seeds and you should be good.... keep your orders small, dont get all your seeds from 1 site... there are several tricks to keeping the government out of your computer.
  10. Thanks, that was helpful, but i have given up the growing plan for a while. I dont have the space for that
  11. yo www.nirvana-shop.com is really reliable and here are some ways to make sure that you cant get caught.

    Step 1: get all the seeds you want to buy in ur shopping cart, to see how much it is. Make sure to count shipping!

    Step 2: go to mostly any major grocery store (Price Chopper, Target, Stop&Shop ect...) and buy an American Express prepaid credit card. Now these cards usually go up by 50$ increments so make sure you get a card that is MORE than enough money to pay for the whole order (including shipping)

    Step 3: as you are going through the checkout process make your Billing Address and your Shipping Address the same...DONT use your real name! Put your real address but NOT your real name. I'll explain why later. Then put in your prepaid card number and stuff then pay. REMEMBER NOT TO USE YOUR REAL NAME!!!

    Step 4: Wait for it to arrive once it arrives DONT open it for 2-5 days depending on how excited you are but if the cops were coming (which the chances are very slim) they would be there within 2 days. The reason you dont open it is because you are NOT responsible for an unopened package that doesnt have your name on it! So if the cops did come you just say i dont know where this came from, it doesnt even have my name on it.

    So I hope that helped, thats what I did and I also emailed Nirvana-Shop asking them if it was possible to get arrested for doing this and they say no, if your package gets caught in customs then you receive a seizure notice and nothing more. This is all just to be ultra super safe. HAVE FUN!
  12. I just purchased seeds for Attitude Seeds and they offer stealth shipping also. I was pretty impressed by them and it took 8 days from order to door with no problem whatsoever. I even used my cc. I am not at all worried about police because like it was mentioned before, you receive a seizure notice and thats it. Even if the officers show up how are they going to find seeds that can be flushed. they can't charge you with something if they don't have the evidence. No reason to be paranoid unless you plan on ordering a couple hundred seeds.
  13. your very right I just thought I'd put the SAFEST way for people to do it if they are nervous
  14. i dont give a fuck how "secure" those sites are number one rule of thumb- NEVER order seeds/growing equipment and supplies to where the actual grow is. Cant you have a friend who dosent grow get it sent to his or her house?
  15. The bottom line is that everyone has their own way of doing things. Everyone has a different way of buying seeds. Be careful and be smart. Definitely go with a company with a good record of stealth shipping. Do your research with each website and talk to others about their experience. If you are going to use a friend make sure they are cool with the whole idea. Kind of shitty to set your friend up for failure. Also if you are going to use a friend make sure they are reliable and can keep the purchase to themselves. Attitude Seeds and Dr.Chronic are my recommendations but thats just me.

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