Hesi clonfix gel and jiffy´s or aquarium heater and water pump cloning?

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  1. Has anyone been using hesi clonfix gel and jiffys and can ypu tell me the right way to use them and i mean every detail from temp,humidity,how often watering the jiffy and how long it will take to root,and i have an aquarium heater and an oxygene pump and i have heard on other forums that you simply put some water in a bucket place the aquarium heater in it,place it on 23 celzius and some bubble stone on the pump and then take the clones and put them in the bucket trough a stirophoam that you have prepared with little holes on it and leave it like that for about week or so and you should have roots...What do you think???
  2. I took a five gallon aquarium and made a plexi platform, about an inch off the bottom. Placed an aquarium heater and long bubble stone under the platform. A plexi top and enough water to just touch the bottom of the (vented) platform. All of which is to say, pretty similar to what you are trying to do. My set up has never failed to date. 100% success rate with any rooting compound I have tried.

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  3. Nice job!.....That's a pretty cool machine.
  4. I dont understand why you are putting the cuttings in a rooting medium when you could do it even more easier,take a plain bucket,install the bubble stone and the heater on the bottom,put a few litres of water in the bucket,the heater is on 23 clezius and the bubble stone goes on/off every 3 hours and then you make like a floating cover from stirophoam and drill holes in it just to put your cuttings trough and then put the bucket under your light(24 hours) and before that just put the clones in a 1/10 strenght p,k fertilized water and leave them for about hour or two and thene put the clones in the bucket and cover the bucket with seetrough foil and that s it,in nine days you can put them in dirt!

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