Hes one of my best friends and he stabbed me in the back

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  1. im gonna try to keep this short because im in a bad mood but seeing as i have nobody to talk to, i felt it necessary to express myself on the forums, after all that is what they are for. so to start off, my friend jeremy and i have been best friends and smokin buds for a good couple of years now. all his brothers know me and are cool with me. jeremy is a nice guy, but has anger issues, which have affected our friendship in the past. to put it bluntly, anything he says goes because hes huge compared to me and if i challange him on anything he can easily kick the living shit out of me. now fast forward to recent times, a few months ago i was dating a girl named haley and i really got along well with her, but i had to break it off because at the time i was in no condition for a relationship so recently i see jeremy and haley hanging out alot and alot of my friend were talking about them and as i found out today, its true, they are going out. the part that really gets me is that recently i had been trying to get back together with her :( overall ive been really depressed especially since he didnt even tell me this was going on. the situation got worse when i was ignoring his texts and he then physically threatened me on facebook. my question is, what should i do? should i just find a new group to hang out with and forget about both of them? should i forgive him? i really need advice i feel shitty as fuck right now and so powerless. if i try to bring up any argument with him, he can easily kick my ass. hes the kind of big but not smart at all guy and he always jumps to ridiculous conclusions, but hes basically the only solid friend i have. :(

  2. This person is not your friend, not by any definition. Drop him, and the girl, and move on.
  3. The guy ain't your friend, and never was.  He may be a bloke you hung out with, but he certainly was not a "Friend"
  4. You are jealous of him getting the girl..but you had your chance with her. You said "you were in no condition for a relationship".
    You passed up your chance with her..now you hate the guy for getting with her? It wasn't right for him to not let you know, but still, you had your chance..can't expect someone to wait around for you.
  5. Firstly, sorry to hear this has happened to you, Hash. Friends can do some seriously fucked up things to each other but this is one of those things that goes above and beyond fucked up. While he may have been alright to hang around, it sounds to me as if you were always aware that he could kick your ass, now is this something that he played on? Big guy, you know how they can be at times. Not all of them, but you know, was he the kind of guy who knew he could kick your ass and played on it? Anyway, the point is what he's done to you, and this Hayley girl as well, neither of them are worth your time. 
    Friends don't do this sort of thing to each other. That is high school bullshit that as adults, we don't have time for. Find some better friends and pull back from him. He's threatening you, so just you know, pull away gradually. Be relaxed about it, even if it is hard to do so. If he invites you to hang out, tell him you have plans. Or actually just go ahead and make plans with others on the times you two would normally hang out.
    All the best!
  6. "PHYSICALLY" threatened you on "FACEBOOK"? lol
  7. just tell him enjoy your leftovers and move on..or bang his mom if you can
  8. This is what people who are not your friends do, they challenge you in every way they can, like you said physically, by threatening you, mentally by hooking up with this girl you like, as if to say, im superior to you because i got her and you didn't, constant validation and people who ask for validation arent THAT bad but people who have to take validation by force because nobody will give it to them just suck, ive been that guy in the past and its just a shitty existence.
    You say this guy is your friend and you need him or some bullshit but trust me when i say this guy needs you alot more then you need him, your perspective is just fucked because your too close, get away for a bit and then go back to him, learn how to interact with him from your past experiences and let him know you aint gonna stand for bullshit, even if you are gonna get your ass kicked you stand up for yourself, feeling like a bitch sucks, walking away with a black eye shit man that'll heal. 
  9. I've been in your situation, unfortunately, it's the worst. But this guy isn't your real friend. Cut him and the girl off. It's going to be tough. On the bright side, smoking alone isn't too bad.

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  10. As many others have said, this guy isn't your friend.
    That guy sounds like one of those assholes who only makes 'friends' so he can embarrass or one up them to make himself look better in comparison.
  11. Your lack of friends is the only reason you hang out with him, once you make some real good friends you'll see why he's a piece of shit. Go out and meet new people and new girls man, fuck em.

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  12. If you have a stab wound you should probably visit the ER asap.
  13. Sounds like both of you have serious flaws in your personalities, and that is the reason you are friends.
    Basically, your "friend" is a rage filled narcissist who wants to control everything by force, and you are the classic wimpy, low confidence and self loathing pushover who stays out of people's hair, but brings everyone else down with your negative aura.
    No well adjusted person would want to be good friend with either of you, so the both of you have to create a dependent relationship.
    Neither of you are good for each other and neither of you have a clue has to what real friendship entails based on the information you have given us.
    Stop hanging out with this dude, and commit to self change.
    If you continue to let people push you around because they can possibly kick your ass, then you will continue being depressed and self loathing.
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    This you don't date women your friends have been serious with. Now if its just some girl you hooked up with and weren't serious then those rules don't apply.This kid is not a friend bro trust me. Who cares how big the guy is everyone can be taken down realize this be confident fear nobody. I'm not one for violence but if the situation turns into that then use your surroundings to your advantage. All is fair when someone is physically threatening you, beat the shit out of this clown and make him beg for mercy man I've seen a 5'10 kid make a 6'5 guy cry like a bitch during high school the shorter kid was slamming the big guys head into the brick wall. Do what you gotta do and don't look back.
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    "A neck and a groin, a neck and a groin, it doesn't matter how big the fucker is, they all have a neck and a groin."
    - Dylan Moran quoting his Grandma
  16. A friend is not a friend if you do not feel comfortable or feel threathened in/by his presence.
  17. If you are really worried he will assault you take legal action. If not, just ignore him.
  18. your getting bullied INTO friendship...
    man society is gettin weird...

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