Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by smokinokie, May 20, 2001.

  1. Hey y'all! I was here once but forgot how to get back and then had trouble on the information HIGHway. That guy you kept blowin past, sittin on the shoulder? That was me. Nice to be back! I'm off to test the water round these here boards. And to my ol' buddy Aeroblurg, GO CARDS!
  2. welcom back dude. cards are doing good but the blues, sadly, arnt going to make it to the finals. :( oh well.
  3. Hey Smoki!

    Thanks for the link to this spot! I like it a lot! :cool:
  4. ya thanks for the link did not know where to go or what to do when yahooka crashed,like read'n posts from all u guys smokin,citter,just me and as i look around here i see some more cool people.so thanks agin smokin! :cool:
  5. smoki! Great to see ya here. Yes thank you so much for the link :) It saved me from the hoardes of immature ones.... Will be looking forward to reading some of your great posts again.


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