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Herpies and Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tirehu, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. I was on this boat cruis with a friend, and we got really drunk at the night club. There was a bunch of asians that seemed really horny. The tallest one and sexiest one started trying to kiss me.. so i let her kiss me.. and i felt a burning sensation when she kissed me.. I got into her room and she had a penis so i just ran out..
    Im pretty freaked out, i have to get checked for herpies.
    Day after my lips were dry and the day after i had cold sores on the sides of my lips between upper and lower lips.. im freaked out
    Somedays i go when i drinker coke i felt the burning sensation for a couple of seconds..
    I live in Norway were its really cold these days.. like 1-10 minus celcius.. Please tell me, are these signs for herpies? 
    Does weed cure herpies?

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  2. well... that was an unexpected turn of events! 
    in terms of weed curing herpies, its a virus once you have it you have it (as far as i know i may be wrong but thats my understanding) so weed wont touch it, may help relieve symptoms 
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  3. You should add a cold sore to your smiley avatar's mouth.
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  4. #4 TheShadow420, Feb 10, 2014
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    Herpes is something that like 80% of the world has, having it is not much of a problem if you deal with it in a timely manner.
    My advice - get your fucking ass to a doctor NOW. Weed doesn't help get rid of it in any way.
    Fact sheet -
    1) Herpes is uncurable.
    2) Herpes pops up when your immune system is at a dangerously poor state (or when someone carries it onto you) - if you notice any of the symptoms you need to take some medicine and it'll be gone in weeks, unable to progress further, then you're safe. If you don't diagnose it fast enough and it manages to get a good hold - you'll probably be forced to spend a few weeks in home out of embarassment (whatever place is infected will look horribly bad).
    3) Forgot what it was called, but most kiddos at young age go thru some illness that makes shit pop up on their faces or whatever it was, that's a sign of herpes and it's common for kids to have it - they go thru it and it means they have less chance of herpes sparking back up again. In normal human (not stoned-out-of-my-mind) language - herpes is always in your body, but you only feel the symptoms when the virus ACTIVATES, which happens under some rare circumstances. It first activates when you're a kid and then it goes off permanently (passively sitting in your body), unless your immune system fails or other circumstances appear.
    4) Even thought herpes is in your body, it doesn't really pop up for no reason. While poor immune system does cause it in many cases, a specific infection needs to be transmitted (ex. by sexual intercourse or kissing) to a specific body part for that type of herpes (ex. genitalia herpes and other nasty shit) to activate in the body part (in that case I don't think the immune system has to do with anything).
    oh and fun fact - some form of herpes causes alcheimer's disease
  5. Yes weed will cure your herpes but you need to use it in suppository form otherwise it won't cure you. Goodluck op. 
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  6. i went on a cruise when i was 16 i messed with some girls and i didn't have to  deal with chicks with dicks or burpies. you're a trooper my friend. anyway do what the guy who sounds like he knows what he's talking about says. im sure a quarter pound of dank should do. right up your ass as deep as it'll go. have it coming out of your mouth if possible good luck bro.
    420pie i would rep you but i guess gc doesn't do that any more so have a like. (btw wtf happened to the rep) 
  7. I've only ever got mono before. That's the worst I've ever gotten which I find odd because I never have protected sex.

    Omega369 :wave:
  8. its okay, you'll go to the dr one day and discover you have HIV
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  9. Thank you for putting hope back into my heart
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  10. Hahahahaha
    Must've been ladyboys from Bangkok.
    As for the cold sore it might just be because you were partying hard with lot of alcohol, staying up, and it's cold as fuck. You probably already had the herps.
    Burning sensation when "he" kissed you?  Probably the lipstick or something.
    What did your friends say after you ran out?
  11. Hahah

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  12. He took you for a fool and gave you herpes ... and you did nothing ?!
  13. Haha someone beat me to it. But op did those ladys happen to be from bangkok lol
  14. You might have Herpes, but you probably already had it. Herpes won't present one day after exposure. Btw, most people have oral Herpes (HSV-1) it's really not that big of a deal.
    That burning sensation? Probably plumping lip gloss. And she (he? I don't know how this person identifies. Could identify as female, could just like to play dress up, could be anywhere in between), just whipped out a dick without so much as a bye the bye "hey, I have a penis, that cool?" Rude.
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