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  1. well, im just curious as to how many people have this fuckin virus. i know i have it, and it seems that now my girlfriend of 6 months or so has also contracted it. she knew i had it and were still happy and all of that, but i feel horrible for it... has anyone else been in this position? also what complicates things worse is that we found out that her cervical cancer has shown up again. we love the hell out of each other, and ill do anything for her. im just confused as shit about everything, and i wish herpes wasnt real. cancer wasnt real. the frigenting fact we may not be able to have kids together wasnt real. i love how how these problems just dissolve when were together, but the thing is they dont go anywhere. i miss her right now so much....sorry for the rant and so on, anyways, to my point, is anyone man/woman enough to admit thier virus other than me on here?
  2. I don't have a virus...but if I did I wouldn't keep it a secret from any sexual partners...I don't need that type of karma whooping my ass down the line.
  3. sorry about your situation OP. but at least your girl is understanding about it and despite you having it, she's still by your side.

    but yeah i would definitely tell the other person. i don't want to get sued now..
  4. agreed 100%. i dont think i have it but i'm mondo careful who i hook up with (might just be an excuse for a less than active sex life) im curious if theres a way to get it without almost direct contact. i share blunts with a ton of people, some of which i know are sluts(example: we called one "Pike bike" cause shes been with all the guys in the frat Pike.)
  5. you wouldn't be having this problem if you'd just get an artificial vagina or an electronic sucker. s e x c a n w a i t m a s t u r b a t e.
  6. i honestly cannot stand reading your posts, like they make me really fucking mad.
  7. then smoke more weed until they make you really fucking laugh.
  8. what a jokester.
  9. they got a pill now that helps reduce herpes outbreaks,,,,i seen it on the t.v.

    apperantly theres so many people now that have this virus,,,,,,

    it aint who has it,,,,it's who dont ?:cool:

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