herpes and boobs.

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  1. k, so, i just found out that my boyfriend cheated on me with a girl that had herpes. he never touched her vagina or anything, but they had boob sex a lot i guess... could she have herpes on her boobs? is this a dumb question?

  2. have him tested for herpies, until then fuck with a rubber.
  3. Get yourself tested just to be safe. He cheated on you and that means he could have lied to you too.
  4. have him tested for herpes and get yourself tested too

    ..and dump his stupid ass
  5. Herpes and boobs and bears, Oh My!!

    Bahaha, this thread is hilarious.

    No there is no such thing as Boob herpes.

    Yes your boyfriend most likely had vaginal intercourse with her.

    Get him tested, make him use a condom, or tell him to GTFO.

    My advice is just tell him to GTFO.
  6. straight up.

    oh and condoms dont fully prevent herpes, cuz you can still make skin to skin contact unless you have a full body condom hehe.
  7. Herpes can be on both vag and mouth so yeah...
  8. or dump him... because he cheated on her..
  9. QFT

    you need to tell him to fuck off
  10. Pete already called this one, but

  11. he never actually totally cheated, he only slapped his dick around another chicks titties, thats forgivable in my eyes.

  12. I just spit my food out when you said "he only slapped his dick around another chicks titties, thats forgivable in my eyes" so funny my god
  13. well to me, what are you saying is not forgivable, he never actually had sex, "supposidly". Is masterbation cheating, because your definetly thinking about being with another chick while playing with your johnson, same to me at titty fucking.

  14. ahhh, then don't mind me while I slip my cock between your girl's titties... really its alright :p
  15. Man. Me being pretty high made this picture look weeeird. Lol - I can actually hear it. Does anyone else understand?
  16. it's pretty self explanatory picture
  17. lol @ this thread
  18. lol
    i'm with this guy.

  19. What does it matter youre never going to see this guy again, right?

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