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  1. I was just pondering last night. Most drugs have a name for the state of being under the influence of the drug


    On marijuana your high,stoned,baked,blazed, ETC.,ETC.

    On E an Acid your tripping,rollin,buggin

    Whats its called while your on heroin?
  2. You would be \"High\" but why the fuck do you want to know that. Don\'t even think about that dirty nasty drug !!!!! it ends peoples lives.

  3. Best damn advice I\'ve seen posted in awhile!!!!!

    No extra smilies, cause Heroin\'s NOT funny!!
  4. Under no means do I have any intentions of using heroin. The thought just crossed my mind while high one day and it was on my mind.
  5. heroin is easy to get in west county st louis.
  6. I\'m moving back to St. Louis this summer. West County\'s got heroin now? Damn them rich kids.:smoke:
  7. i call it \"DEAD\" but thats me....
  8. yucky, it makes your nose bleed

    i got a bloody nose at my grandmas one time
  9. I have no idea what the proper terminology would be for a high off heroinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...excuse me, while I fiend after a drug I love and hate all in the same breath.

    It ruins lives...no matter how fucking hard you try to stay away from it...it keeps calling to you.

    Stay the fuck away from it...snorting, needles...any of it, it sucks...

  10. i hate needles guess im a pussy but I thats how i know i wouldnt ever use it if im drunk one night experimenting
  11. The state is called \"Slamdancing with Mr. Brownstone\"

  12. I\'ve heard people call it H\'ed up or Ronned up. I think H\'ed is probably the most common one I\'ve heard.
  13. If you want to know anything about heroin watch either of the movies \"Trainspotting\" or \"Requiem for a Dream,\" they will pretty much sum up any question you could possibly have on the subject, and more!
  14. Wow, there are so many posts that sound exactly like what non-smokers tell me about my \'bad weed habit.\'

    Come on, you guys. Yes, many lives have been ended by heroin. But that doesn\'t meant that everyone who has used heroin has been taken over by it. I\'ve done heroin and I\'m not addicted at all. I never even felt a craving for more.

    My point is that everyone is different, so everyone\'s choices should be different. For everyone that chooses not to use heroin, that\'s great for you. In fact, only good could possibly come of that choice. But, that doesn\'t meant that you need to be an emphatic anti-heroin spokesperson that denounces the drug and anyone who uses it.
  15. Heroin ruins lives... If you think otherwise, I STRONGLY suggest you take a trip to the ghetto some time in your life... It may not get EVERYONE addicted, but for the majority of people, that\'s how it ends up... Half my old friends are now heroin addicts, and they\'ll probably end up dead in a gutter somewhere from an overdose...

    And btw... When you\'re on heroin, the terminology would be \"strung out\" - as in he\'s all strung out on heroin... At least that\'s how I\'ve always heard it referred to... Or just simply \"high\".
  16. Heroin didn\'t ruin anyone\'s life. People ruin their own lives. Society is always trying to find someone else to blame. Blame your own damn self. I\'ve tried heroin numerous times with no dire consequences, only good times. Don\'t defend people because they have no self-control.
  17. ^^^ he is right. I haven\'t tried heroin yet but I\'ve done coke. Im not some hobo coke addict now, It just involves self control. I still don\'t know anyone who has ruined their life with drugs and all my friends atleast smoke pot most do more things like pills.
  18. I pity that anyone has done herion, regardless whether it is fact or not, the thing is you can more easily than almost all drugs, get addicted, why risk it? You think fiends plan in the beggining was to become herion addicts and let it run their lives? I don\'t think you should be giving any advice on anything after doing herion.
  19. Yes, that makes sense. We tried a drug that you wouldn\'t personally try, we had a good time, and we suffered no consequences. How dare we give advice, let alone on unrelated subjects!?!
  20. Yes because to put it nicely, you dont have very good judgement.
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