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  1. so who do you think was the first guy in the world to ever look at some gross as shit looking brown fluid and decide, maybe if i put this into my viens with a big needle ill have fun !

    hahah what a creepo nut.

  2. probably the same dude who was able to succesfully make the ugly ass brown fluid out of naturally derived opiates like morphine...im sure he was pleased with his results
  3. heroin is really refined opium. it was first made as a pharmasuitical (sp?) and administered by doctors as painkiller. very efficient too. some ptients became addicted, and the rest is history.
  4. yes, but why would sum1 decide(noew that its a drug), im gonne get high by injecting myself, with god know what the illegal version has in it

  5. why not....why do people smoke weed or eat pharmmies, or drink for that matter.... you get fucked up....

    its just different things for different people....
  6. yeah but, weeds pretty much pure but u see people throwing up into the herion in afganistan then they ship it over here
  7. nubbin you didnt get what i meant.

    im not trying to diss your heroin use or anything. kill yourself how you like (i choose cigarettes and a VERY unhealthy diet.)

    but yes, the dude made this thick brown syrup whatever. and new it had the properties to make him high and everything. but where along the line did he decide to suck it into a needles and inject the shit straight into his veins??

    id be like someone looking at a bottle of vodka and saying, hey, instead of taking a shot, im just gonna cut open my leg and pour this mother fucker right in there. (well, not like that at all, but somewhat)
  8. what is the fastest way that it can POSSIBLY be absorbed into use? the bloodstream. *lightbulb goes on* aaaaah....
  9. if you really want to go into the "now why did they do that" department, and i'm not trying to box this thread, then consider this. some years ago i read an article in the newspaper 'bout girls stuffing moonshine dipped tampons into their, well, where tampons go, to get drunk. works too. the alcohol get sucked up by all the small veins in the, you know, real fast and drunkedness is the result. on the cheap. however, the tissue damage and later lack of sensation in the, uhm, area gets reduced over time so i guess it's not that good of an idea...
  10. umm..... thats disgusting shit!!!^
  11. yes it is, but alcohol also works as an antiseptic, so you would be certain of not getting any, er, luggage, if you happen to put your willie into the alcohol soaked, em, thingy. but yeah, how stupid can you realistically be. this ranks up there :)

    edit: as long as i don't actually say vagina or pussy, it won't get boxed, right?
  12. yeah i heard something about that tampon trick...it seems to me that such a sensative area would BURN at least a wee bit when doused in vodka

    or what about the reports of inmates eating their detoxing cell mate's vomit from the toilet to get the unabsorbed methadone they were prescribed.
  13. i suppose its not so unappropriate to say ive lost my appetite in the herion thread
  14. t-shirts: "I lost lunch at the Heroin Thread!"

    hahahaah. oh heroin, will it ever learn?

  15. not as long as people need thier fix...sucks....it consumes one...
  16. you think heroins bad....try chernaya!
  17. chernaya??? explain please!! dont hold out on my nubs ;)
  18. kinda like heroin..but insteaad of strictly isolating the diacetylmorphine (Heroin) from the morphine of the poppy plant, a shady group of russians began trafficking a form of injectable smack that took all of the alkaloids from the plant..including dangerous amounts of codeine (which can't be administered directly into the blood stream..it would cause pulminary edema, yummy fluids in the lungs, and other unwanted shit...hence when someone shoots codeine, they do it IM instead of IV)...basically to make a long story short chernaya is a very dangerous injectible form of opium...not just morphine...not just smack..but the whole enchilada...morphine, codeine, noscapine, papaverin etc. all wrapped up in one single bunch of black goo sold to many who never lived to buy it again....sounds like a blast eh?
  19. sounds appetizing ;)

    ill stick to my smokeable drugs thank you. (no meth or crack!)
  20. well since this thread is growing beyond the most common known form of super eeevil drugs, how about an honourable (dishonourable?) mention to Yabba?

    YABBA DABBA DOOO! WIIIILMA!! I'M GONE! :eek: :rolleyes: :mad: :eek:

    and people thought PCP was bad!!! (well it IS, but from what i know its a puppie compaired to yabba)

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