Heroin Prices?

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  1. well i love opiates to death,second favorite drug besides psychs,and for the first time like a month ago i tried heroin,didn't shoot it tho,just snorted and it felt so amazing i was nodding the fuck out after 2 lines.listening to comfortably numb

    but i kinda want to try it again,and please i don't want any anti-drug posts what so ever lol.i no what I'm doing so please dont bitch,so anyways what is the base price for heroin,and even better if there's someone in Florida preferbly Orlando please tell me how much you pay.

    also even if you live off somewhere else feel free to tell us what the prices are,also is the market good for heroin in Orlando?i only know 1 person that sells it.any info would be appreciated.
  2. i really couldn't tell ya the prices on powder, its only come around here once, but if i remeber correctly i think it was $10 a point(not too sure though, that was a while ago, and im across the country) Black tar is more prevelant here. but yeah dude, have fun, im noddin hard on some black rigt now, it took like 15 mins to write this.:yummy:

  3. hey thanks bro,if you dot mind me asking,what is the diffence between powder and black tar,also i know ppl smoke the black,but can you also smoke it in the powder form.and how much is base price for the black tar.

    also sry for all the questions,i think heroin is the one drug i don't no much about cause i have no experience with it.an also haven't researched much about it.
  4. im sure s w i s h e r knows

    but be VERY careful with what your doing man
  5. i dont know anything about powder but i know about tar.
  6. as always,

    do tell
  7. The only decent H I've seen in central florida is $120-$200/g, but that was for low-cut #4.

    I saw/tried some tar going around about a year ago for like $50-70/g when that was around

    Central Florida has practically NO heroin going around or I would be in on that trdae.
  8. Anywhere ranging 10$ a point, to 4$ a point.
  9. damm its Orlando,you would think the market would be booming,you probably just need to know the right ppl.
  10. tru,that's cool bro,one of my pot dealers gos down to Miami to pick up,his prices arnt bad either,i get 45 dollar eighths for fucking flame,one hit and your high,no joke.

  11. yeah im pretty sure you can smoke powder, black around here goes from $5 a point(for the ok stuff(sometimes its good, sometimes is so-so) to $10 a point. but when i get a g of the good shit he usually drops the price to $75-$80, really depends on your supplier and the relationship with your supplier.
    so id say the base price, is about $50 a gram for some okstuff, and $80-$100 for good shit.

  12. damn 45$ eighths in orlando? that's a pretty sweet hookup.
  13. IV is the way to go!! You get more for your money. I think the price around my neck of the woods is about one blowjob/100$ a gram.

    Dude, you really need to IV it next time.
  14. Where I am, it's $15 a pack for good h. $120-130 for a bundle. $60 for average product.
  15. You can smoke the powder but it's better if you make the base first, or put it in with some weed so you have a buffer and don't destroy it, or if you vape it and chase it.

  16. o tru,ya I'm gonna get it sometime this week,i wanna try to smoke it this time,ill probably chase it that seems like a more logical approach.

    i know ppl say shooting it is the best way,but fuck that,i might try it one day but it just dosnt seem worth it.
  17. Don't start shooting dude it's not something you want to get into, trust me on that. That and you are more likely to fuck up your veins with street heroin than pills because of the cuts and impurities in it.

    If you want to smoke it then take a cigarette pack, make a rectangle of aluminum foil about 6"x1", fold it in half length wise and then slide it in the pack so it stays straight and comes out like a little tray. Put your podwer on and use a low flame about 1" below to slowly heat it until it starts to vape.
  18. o tru,ya thanks dude,an ya i know man,thats why i said its not worth it lol.
  19. i pay $40 for a gram of pretty good black tar heroin
  20. bumpdy bump

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