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Discussion in 'General' started by Victor_Navorski, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. I'm not sure which vein I'm supposed to inject. Does it matter???

  2. im so glad you posted this in general. that said...youre still probably going to get flamed... just warning you. (actually i know someone is gonna give you hell)

    anyway, if its hard to find (i never had to do this), just wrap something tight about two inches below the middle of your bicep (towards your hand) and pull semi tight.

    slap the crease in the elbow...wait ten seconds and the biggest blue vein should appear. that vein seems to work for most people. otherwise it really doesnt matter.

    EDIT: i highly recommend not doing this. ive done everything that has come my way in form of a drug...but dude needles are the hardest to quit. im not saying dont do it (cuz its not my place to tell you what you should or should not do) but dude i highly recommend snorting it. all you need is an inch and snorting dramatically decreases the chance of ODing.
  3. what if he has tar, he cant snort that, but instead i think he should still not inject it, maybe smoke it, needles ARE the hardest to quit, ive wuit dope several times with little problems. my cousin could not put the needle down for anything and ive seen him quit snorting it a few times after doing it for months. try it once if u really wanna but then id stay away, good luck!
  4. because black tar is not to be injected at all.
  5. It's brown powder, I already bought the heroin and the needle from the same guy. I'm going to do it just gonna wait untill my next day off. I'm a little nervous, I have no idea what to expect.

    Thanks for the responces.
  6. 1. buy your own needle

    2. still rethink injection, it seems that this will be your first time, im not sure if you can handle a needle rush. if you have a connect, then why dont you snort first to get a feel for it... you might like it or think sniffing is intense enough. then you can buy more for a needle later.
  7. its an opiate, a step up from oxy's, your gona feel real good man, all over
  8. oh yea i forgot to tell you the effects.

    youre gonna sink in your chair. you might keep sinking inside yourself. you might get nauseated, just puke in a bucket and forget it.

    enjoy the rush...the warmness comes first, then your eyes get heavy like you smoked pot, then depending on the strength you start to rush. its like your blood turns to thick ink, yet its warm and flowing...the first few times are the most spiritual, enjoy them thoroughly.

    it wont last long so dont freak out, just enjoy it.

    and please please reconsider needles for your first time.
  9. dude u r fucking out of your mind why in the hell would u need to inject yourself with heroin to have fun come on man, and if u OD think of all the people it will probably hurt due to u being and idiot, ive seen it all before and its fucking rediculous, dumb people like u fuck there lives up with this bull shit every single day, think about it man y do that we only live once so y fuck the only body u got up by putting some nasty ass chemical that you probably have no clue where it came from and how it was made but yet u still want to stick it in ur blood stream..... wow dude lame as fuck.... its people like u man
  10. stick with weed and shrooms, H Is just wrong, but again guess u like it..

  11. i dont remember the thread being titled "please flame me for my personal choices that hurt no one as long as im responsible with them".

    just stop. he already bought it, its not like your post is gonna stop him...rather im trying to help him do it in the most safe way.

    edit: thanks for proving my point in my first post about no love for people who choose to do different things. congrats, youre the first! but im sure not the last.
  12. ive seen it all before man its fucked up.... people like him give weed smokers a bad name..

  13. have you seriously seen it all man? have you been to my house when ive had a great time on "dangerous drugs" because i did them with a sane mind and responsible attitude? i know many others who are responsible, so are you sure youve seen it all?

    expecting negative rep in....3....2...1...
  14. Just be aware of the drug, effects, and use. Asking questions is cool.

    Sober sitter? I'm not a heroin guy, but that seems like a good idea.
  15. Yep, yer an idiot.
  16. hahaha nice one
  17. I'm all for freedom of drug use but injection/iv can be tricky

    I urge you to research the proper methods of cleaning the heroin creating the solution of clean saline water and injection without problem

    if you can't wait fill some gel capsules with it and ingest them on a semi-empty stomach but don't get ass over head into injection without being totally aware of all the possible fucked up outcomes you can get
  18. i dont know why im posting so much, but i want to help the kid out.

    ^^^ thats a good idea man...im serious needles are something you should totally work up to, not start out on. (dammit that sounds like im telling him what to do, sorry, i just want him to be safe.)

    i promise if you try other methods, once you inject it (if you ever get around to it), youll be glad you waited.
  19. also when you do decide you have all the clean safe stuff and background in injection have some mdma or shrooms or some other trippy fun drug to take when you come off the h

    it will muddle the feeling of craving with profound new thoughts allowing you to keep from becoming one daily injection user junkie
  20. actually yea...thats a great idea...if you cant get rolls then just have a fun time drinking until you hit the hay....you might get depressed coming down.

    i like how he hasnt responded to any of this :p

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