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  1. prick.

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    Come ON guys! he leaves his wallet in HIS desk in a little compartment, its not like he dropped it on the ground. Prickface McHeroin decides to pocket the cash, and its his fault?

    Wow.... he let the guy's familiy know that he had a heroin addiction, holy crap, what a snitch! Its not like they would have wanted to know......

    Ok, just to tally things up.

    1. He doesn't want help, OP said he tried to get him some help on NUMEROUS occasions.

    2. He's stolen from family and friends, fucked up a 20,000$ car which he didn't pay for, didn't even help on the extra premiums for insurance.

    3. He's THREATENED the OP on numerous occasions.

    4. He's stolen weed from the OP

    5. He's a burden to his family.

    6. He cannot even drive at 26, i'm 19 and i have a full license.

    7. All he cares about is his heroin addiction.

    And were supposed to call the OP a jerk for letting his family know he's stealing from him?

    The OP didn't make his life 5 times worse, HE made his life 5 times worse.
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    Well...not how I would of handled it but props for standin up for yourself

    Maybe he will think twice before stealin 2bills from someone whos supposed to be his homeboy

    I dont care how bad his "disease" is. Thats just a pussy excuse for "i have no self control"

    People who cant control themselves used to get weeded out of society...then we made laws about letting stupid people kill themselves.
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    He did, he gave that ass a lesson that won't be forgotten soon. People have been killed or hospitalized for a lot less. If it was me I would've taken a bat to his knees, one for each count of theft, let his parents pay for some new ones when he decides to take responsibility for his actions.
  5. Sup OP, i think you did the right thing man. I honestly don't understand how people in this thread are trying to defend some douche bag heroine addict that stole from you. That guy is lucky you didn't go to the first thing many people might do...which is put a boot in his head with 3 of your other buddies. good job.

  6. His gf does H with him so shes no help to his cause....

    I would love to and trust me I have thought about it but i have too much respect for their family to fuck him up over some money. plus id be fighting a H addict that weights at least 30 lbs less than me, wouldnt even be that much fun

    maybe you didnt read the part about where i tried multiple times to get him help, even called a national tv show to try and get him on there to go to rehab for FREE

    Im sure i wouldnt like someone as quick to judge as you either, thanks for wasting a post.

    I dont feel good for him being homeless and out of a job but all those 2 things were doing were supporting his habit, if you disagree thats fine. Prove how its wrong though plz. karma did come back to me, for letting his parents know that he is doing heroin again I know that I helped out a family that has always been there for me in a time of need. It wasnt something I wanted to do but it was something that needed to be done. Lifes a bitch, get over it

    I would of loved to but again, I cant do something to a family that has taken care of me when I was homeless and needed a job. I cleaned up my act for them to show that I respected what they did for me, he was in the exact same situation and he went back to his old ways.

    thank you, much appreciated

    to everyone else who wants to give me shit about some heroin addict they dont even know, dont waste my time. I dont care what you have to say about someone you dont know, especially when the family constantly thanks and praises me for helping them with their childs problem. If your going to call me an ass for what i did to a heroin addict then you are sterotyping me, and heroin addicts since you do not know any of the characters in this story on a 1st hand basis. Thank you to everyone who has a clear state of mind and understands whats really going on. To everyone else, well im sure you can guess what I think about people like you
  7. so what did you just post expecting everyone to be on your side? maybe forums aren't for you, buddy. go shit all over yourself elsewhere.

  8. quality post there, chap.

  9. No i posted because i was pissed and i felt like venting, i didnt want to talk to people i know in real life about it since they know the family and its private matters between me and them.

    get a life
  10. quality double post retard. you arent exactly king of the internet either.

    as far as the op's situation, im 100% on his side and would have done the same. I understand how he left violence out of this because of the family's generosity towards him, but if any other addict tried this Id rip him apart and make sure he was dead. Im sick of society's lack of action to these fools. Crackheads and Heroin addicts can all die a horrible death as far as im concerned. I understand there are a few people that think they can manage it and they arent the same as the rest, but the truth is theyre all lower than human once theyre addicted. They beg for money, cigarettes, anything really. Theyre a burden to society is what im saying, and I wish more people would be like the op.

    Oh yeah and everyone saying "oh its a disease ur an ass" is a fool, they all know damn well that heroin/crack is highly addictive, yet they think theyre some kind of superhuman that can take it only when they please. Shit like "oh i have strong willpowers so ill just do it when i want to" is hilarious to me, I think its funny watching these stupid people waste their lives with those drugs. This is where they become lower than humans, lower than monkeys even. They contribute nothing to society, just satisfy themselves temporarily. Kill em all I say, that way we can get on with evolving and leave those retards in the dust.
  11. who the hell comes to a drug related forum, only to hate monger about drugs and addicts? you people are whack and make me sick.
  12. no sir you have it wrong. this is a weed forum and you are currently in the real life section. So in real life my opinion of drug addicts is very different from my opinion of potheads. marijuana isnt really a drug and you cant really get addicted to it. What makes me sick is people putting Marijuana in the same group as heroin and crack. Heroin and Crack are disgusting substances, synthetic they are, unlike marijuana.

    This is not a drug forum this is a marijuana forum now gtfo back to erowid

  13. Im not hate mongering anything, im pissed cause someone stole alot of money from me for the 2nd time. heroin addict or not I would of gotten him back one way or another, probably physically if he wasnt some looser addict.

    no ones hate monger drugs and addicts, just their actions. they are low life scumbags and so are the loosers who go on the internet to support them and give people shit who are against their lifestyle.

    kick rocks punk
  14. If you want to talk hardcore drugs, might I recommend bluelight? The very reason the OP posted this story is because he is illustrating how fucked up heroin addicts are. You want a pro-heroin story, go to bluelight.
  15. Obviously no one here is a recovering addict (or current addict). :eek:

    I'm not trying to defend the addict, I think the OP was completely in his rights, I'm just trying to look at it through his eyes.

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