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  1. So i work with this h addict that has stolen from me, his brother, his ex gf, his parents, even his little fucking sister. The kid stole a zip of some of the dankest purple kush ive ever had about 7 months ago, then on friday the fucker steals 200 out of my wallet. So i end calling the piggies to report stolen money. I knew he wouldnt get caught by the police i just did it to waste an extra few hours of his time and make his gf wait outside the whole time too. So I also decide to let his family know hes doing heroin again and also ecstasy and oxy contin, etc. He gets all pissed at me for telling them and I say pay me my money or ill make your life hell. He tells me it already is and hes not going to pay me anything. This is where it gets fun :) So after he tells me this I "just happened to remember something else" that his mother might want to know. "(mothers name here) I think you should also know that your son has been selling heroin and ecstasy to fund his habit, the reason I know this is I was really messed up one night and he called me seeing if i knew anybody who wanted some and me and my friend ended up getting some from him and relapsing." Now he doesnt have a job anymore (I work for his family as he used to) and he got kicked out of his house! Victory for me mother fucker, next time think before you try and jack some one who knows a whole lot about you.
    just needed to vent a little bit, ive been PISSED lately.

    oh btw hes 26, still lives at home, cant drive, doesnt have a penny to his name, AND HIS GF IS FUCKING 18.

    perfect description of a heroin addict huh?
  2. normally snitching isnt cool, but 200 is 200, you definatly fucked him over... haha
  3. Looks to me like you made someone with a already shitty life about 5 times shittier.
  4. 200 + that ounce of kush that cost over 300. and i let that ounce slide cause i didnt feel like starting any drama with his family since i work for them but homie thought he could get away with it again... mofucka was dead wrong. plus he stole 100 from his brother the week before and his bro is one of my best friends but he wont stand up to the addict, no one in that family will and im tired of being surrounded by pussies who let a h addict run their lives so i had to step in and show them all whats up and how shits supposed to go down

  5. life aint too shitty when your an addict living in a million dollar house in a gated community and your parents drive you wherever you want, whenever you want and they pay you $13 an hour to talk on the phone with your gf all day and barely get shit done
  6. sounds like ur mad because he didn't let u get a hit of the boy!!!
  7. Yes, I agree. But why be an ass and try to make his life shitty? Why not just ignore him and not associate with him anymore. That seems like it would be best for both of you.

    Addiction is a disease bro, and heroin addiction is probably the worst of all addictions. If you've ever done heroin for more than a few weeks in a row, you might understand what this guy is going through.

    But don't continue to put him down, just ignore him the best you can, don't associate with him, and keep better track of your own shit.
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    Awesomeness, I hate thieves. On the other hand stretched waaaay far out, he was a h addict, broke because of a habit that controls him, will do almost anything. Doesn't make it right by any means, or justify it, but it does give it reason other then bening a jackass.

    Buuut, why didnt you tell rich mommy and daddy he stole two bills from you man, they would of paid up for'em fosho I would think... mil dolla house usally equals $175K+ income.....200 is pocketchange....

    ***edit, as far as everyone saying why he had to be an ass.... 200stolen and he doesnt give a shit is reason enough.
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    Right, but why leave your wallet laying around a heroin addict? Actually, why even keep $200 in your wallet in the first place (unless you're about to get some drugs)?

    And why would you be happy that this kid lost his job and got kicked out of his house? "Victory for me.." is what you say? That's not cool, this guy needs help. :(

    I'm not trying to be a dick, but it sounds like it was your fault that the money was stolen. And you don't have to be addicted to any drug to steal $200, I know plenty of people that would snatch that up if they could.

    Anyways, I'd try to get this guy some help if he's your friend. If not, than just try to ignore him and keep your shit guarded around him.

  10. The only reason it got stretched way far out is because he kept pushing me and threating me but what really pissed me off is some personal things he brought up. I told him i cant prove he took the 200 from me but the fact of the matter is he was the only other person at work that day and it wasnt possible for anyone else to steal it. Plus it was hidden in my desk which is in a seperate part of the office.

    His parents would never pay for anything he did, they werent even fully convinced that he had been stealing from us (me, his brother, and his ex gf) even when all three of us told them multiple instances of when we had money missing and he was the only other person around. Thats why i had to spill the beans and tell them the reason he was stealing was to fund his addiction.

    I had cash in my wallet cause i was going to pay my credit off before work but i was running a little late and had to go straight into work.

    Yes i am fucking stoked that he doesnt work there anymore and doesnt live at home, he deserves it.

    Wouldnt you trust a family that you have known for more than half your life and spend 6 days a week with at work and hanging out after work?

    I did try and get this guy help multiple times, i even tried to get that intervention show to help him but he wouldnt have it. Ive been addicted to things comparable to this before and if you dont want help from anyone and your going to keep ruining your life and hurting those around you and take advantage of the ones who love and care about you, no you do not deserve to live in their house or be apart of their life. He is selfish and doesnt give a fuck about anyone or anything other than himself.

    EXAMPLE: 7 months ago he totals his girlfriends $20,000 car. She takes the blame for it, has to buy a new car, pay insurance premiums, etc. She asks him for $500 (thats 2.5% of what the car cost) she still has yet to this day to see a penny of that, as all of us whom he has fucked over.

    If anyone disagress with my actions thats cool, they have already taken place and cannot be changed, nor do i wish them to be changed. But before you start hassling me for "ruining someones life" your claiming it was already ruined because he was an addict, he doesnt deserve it, blah blah blah. Why dont you go ahead and let this kid stay at your house then? Im sure you would really enjoy taking care of him. Feel free to shoot me a pm and ill be sure to give you his number. Thanks and have a great day!
  11. yay for stereotyping people that do heroin. you're a lamer, don't be so stupid with your shit and maybe it won't get jacked? and telling a 26 year olds mother about thier drug use seems a little like child's play to me. grow up and go do something about it.
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    I didnt sterotype shit dumb fuck , ive done h before and many other things i dont like thinking about. How are you supposed to help someone if no one else but you knows about it? Thats called being an ENABLER when you know someone is doing something they shouldnt and you know this and you keep your mouth shut which enables them to keep on doing what they are doing. Go eat some more ecstacy you glowsticker, that is sterotyping...

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  13. i will, and i'll love it as always. just as much fun as i'm going to get from reporting you! yay, fun.
  14. How the hell does a heroin addict that's 26 have a 18 year old girlfriend? If you want to fuck up his life some more, tell his girlfriend. Maybe he'll take this lesson to heart and clean his act up.

    On the other hand, if the 18 year old is just a skank, leave him be.
  15. What the fuck else would you expect him to do... look at his fucking life. Don't sit there and bitch at him dude, just find new friends that aren't so shady... And why try and make his life more miserable?? Why not try and help him out of his troubles instead, maybe refer him to rehab or something along those lines...

    Some people just don't get it..
  16. Again, where is neg when you need him?
  17. Why are people attacking the OP/defending the dopehead? He stole the equivalent of 500 dollars from him, between the money and the zip. I am not a vengeful person but even I would have trouble letting that slide.

    It's not the OP's 'fault' that some shitbag stole his money. He left his wallet in his desk and the dopehead found it and decided to pocket the bills. That is low, as is stealing from his family and wrecking his gf's car. I don't care if "addiction is a disease", some people are just assholes who deserve what is coming to them, and this guy sounds like a textbook example.
  18. I sure don't like thieves.

    But I'm guessing I wouldn't like you either.
  19. do you feel better now that his life is even more fucked up and you didnt get anything back? karma man. wait for it. his time came, i think your time will come too.

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