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  1. I love Heroes, I've been watching since day one.

    Getting ridiculously excited for season 3. I read a spoiler from some site - didn't even mean to.. now I'm getting so antsy waiting.

    Anyone else love Heroes?
  2. Hell yeah.. Heroes is an amazing show. Exspecialy the part where there is always new heroes and villians!! kind of makes me happy in my pants!! lol
  3. I'm a complete diehard fan. My first season DVD was autographed by a few of the cast members at this "Heroes World Tour" thing. I'm actually on a video for a few seconds on the NBC site - i look retarded.

    I'm big on the speculations and whatnot. The 2nd season was kinda ehh because of the writer's strike - could have been better, but regardless - its Heroes. Its like if you didn't have weed for almost a year and then someone had shake, you'd be like "GIVE ME THAT!"

    or perhaps more comparable to cupcakes. Even if it wasn't your favorite kind, you'd still probably have one. lol

    At least that's how I feel about it. Doesn't hurt that I have a wicked lame celeb crush on Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli).

    I almost thought about going to ComicCon to see the premiere episode and the Heroes panel... but i think its good to wait.. i'd rather watch everything in succession either way.

    Sylar with his powers back? Ahhhh.. man. The Heroes webisodes online are running a side story... i wonder if it'll play a role in the show. Usually they all intertwine. I'm behind on my graphic novels as well.

    I had too much coffee this morning.
  4. Thats pretty cool that you are into something that much. its always good to have a hobby even if its a stupid one like bird watching.. or a good one like smokin that ganja- but anyways i was hopin i could add u as friend and maybe we could talk about some other interesting things on this site- well peace luv and drugs
  5. hah there are a few tv shows i'm diehard about. Entourage... Weeds... Sex and the City haha

    And I'm such an old woman.. I watch All My Children and General Hospital after work every day.
  6. Well thats not as bad as coming home after work and watching the prayer sessions on T.V like my G-Ma does... but you know when you are really old when you and the other senior citizens are having bets on wich one of your friends will most likely end up in the obituaries the next morning..lmfao
  7. that's not even funny :( that's pretty cruel, especially when you're talking about your own grandma.. come on man... a little respect.
  8. is it worth watching? i nvr gave it chance cuz...idk? but im thinkin since everyone likes it i should watch it! but it lloox confusing!!!
  9. OBVIOUSLY! :p

    You have to watch it from the beginning because its a serialized television show - shit won't make sense unless you follow from the beginning. You got a few weeks - catch up! This show is the shit...
  10. I love Heroes, i get so exicted waiting for it each week to come on. I watch all the repeats of it too, i cant help myself i'm so addicted to it :)
  11. Stopped watching half way through season 2...the show went WAY downhill.
  12. Heroes is the best fucking show ever.
    I haven't missed an episode.
    But the show did start going downhill during season 2
    but thats mainly because of the writer's strike
  13. anyone just watch it?
    I did, I always watch heroes in high def, high as shit. Always.
    this episode was fucking awesome
    cant wait for "The last episode of the year"
    I was really high when I heard that and I thought
    it was like febuary and there wouldnt be another episode
    for ever then I realized its december and
    "The last episode of the year" doesnt really mean shit
    next season starts in like feb anyways

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