Hero Pilot Captain Sullenberg: I did not pray

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    Tonight, on the TV show 60 minutes, Katie Couric asked hero-pilot Chesney Sullenberg if he was praying during the recent airplane near-disaster, and he said that he did not have time for it. By thinking on his feet, and not wasting time begging for help from an nonexistent deity, he saved everyone on board and prevented a major disaster from happening.
  2. As did the co-pilot, along with the guy who pointed out to rescue crews exactly where they were.

    - I realize that guy Sullenberg did a great job, but nobody gives credit to anybody else who helped.

    - Glad he didn't take the time to beg! :hello:
  3. Okay don't use it for lube when you want to stroke your atheist-stick.

    He is a great pilot, and many great things have been done by people of all sorts of faiths and beliefs.

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