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  1. I started these from seeds. There are white hairs (showing female) but these seed pockets are all over. There isn't anything inside of them. Should I pull them or wait? They haven't started flowering yet. Thank you in advance.

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  2. These are outdoor.
  3. First pic is male.

    Second pic I can't tell. Looks like a white pistil on the lowest node to the left but not sure if that's just reflecting light.
  4. First one is male for sure, if the second one is female there will be f*cking. The problem with picking out male sacks is, if you leave one on the plant it will pollinate your female, if you have any females in garden throw that one out or you will compromise rest of the plant

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  5. Thank you! This is weird because they are pretty big and the sacks just showed up. I thought they were females. I didn't realized it took this long to show sex.
    I really appreciate the help. Thanks!
  6. First for sure. Buy yourself a children's paint brush and collect pollen

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  7. Thats not really good idea, if there are any female plants he risks all harvest coz of one plant that wount produce any buds. Dont feel sorry coz of one plant or you will loose all harvest.
  8. No just split them and place in another area ofc.

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