Hermis/shocked plants

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  1. What is the main cause of plants turning hermi?

    I understand that cannabis grows true hermis happily in the wild - so it seems that some are inevitable -

    I have also intentionally forced female plants to hermi using the colloidal silver/gibberellic acid technique.

    I have read that Female cannabis plants turn hermi as a "last ditch attempt to produce seeds" - if this is true then it seems that a very small amount of natural pollination could be desirable - a means of deterring the plants with hermaphroditic tendencies?
  2. Female plants turn hermi and produce seeds if you let them flower to long.....the plant thinks because its coming to the end of flowering stage its needs to reproduce as nature intended
  3. If planta get polinated by a male, it producea seed and has a real lower thc level
  4. The production of resin is largely a defense mechanism, and has (almost) nothing to do with the reproduction cycles of cannabis.

    2 out of my 5 all time best smokes have been seeded...
  5. polinated plants, or hermi have a lower thc level which leads to less a stoned
  6. Anyway lol....one main reason for hermi is too high temp
  7. That is false. Again, two completely different subsystems.

    When pollen comes in contact with a flower, that flower simply stops maturing. Nothing happens to it's resin-making capabilities.
  8. Aye it does its got a lower thc lever :-S
  9. Let me rephrase that: nothing much happens to it's resin-making capabilities.

    If the plant gets pollinated very early in it's reproduction cycle, you might see a change of a couple of percent, as a consequence of putting extra energy into seeding.

    But, again, two different systems. And while inevitably they will be linked together, by a small degree, that is only by virtue of the two systems being part of the same plant. The need for protection doesn't go away once the plant has been pollinated, so it doesn't make sense for the plant to willingly handicap itself after pollination.

    I've grown out dozens and dozens of hermied plants in my day, and can honestly tell you that I rarely see a difference in the quality of smoke (and when I do, I chalk it up to human error on my part, not plant error on the plants part).

    Sorry for being so black and white about it, I shouldn't have said they have absolutely nothing to do with each other, because they do. But it's really quite negligible.
  10. yes a plant doesn't just "give up" because its got a few seeds on it - presumably each individual flower will continue to produce resin until it has become pollinated or died.

    I understand about rodelization in very mature plants but this isn't what i was referring too -

    My question is regarding plants which became shocked as a result of some kind of acute environmental change.

    Its entirely theoretical.
  11. Very true,

    What you got on go?
  12. Well ill let ya know since my last batch went hermie because i kept letting them get too dry and now i have 2 friends growing clones and so far no herms
  13. I let a plant go to dry and that turned hermi? That was new to me mate thanks this is my last soil grow then im going nft
  14. Light leaks are most common problem, followed by nute burn/Ph issues.
  15. nute burn??

    It seems so obvious now. This is where is must be going wrong - temp, ph, photoperiod are all impeccable - I employ low stress training techniques and allow plants to preflower before changing their photoperiod. I occasionally have nute burn.

    Just been having trouble with some of the trickier breeds - Dutch passion mostly.

    Had a blue mountain hermi, about a year ago, which turned out to be good - got lots of fem seeds.

    Also had a few with Cali Orange (dutch passion).
  16. have you grown any dutch passion recently?? i just got in orange bud and euforia from them, would be really bummed if i paid for shit seeds
  17. Yes Dutch passion are supposed to be the best - they say "we never said our breeds are easy to grow."

    I've grown lots of there stuff - mostly banging.

    maybe just a bad batch comes along every now and again.

    The way they produce feminized seeds is by crossing a shocked female hermi with a normal female - this sexy lesbian partnership ensures no true males but also makes the plants slightly more Hermaphroditic-ally prone. Please Correct me if I'am wrong GC.

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