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  1. Hi all..

    Still trying to learn as much as possible, What is Hermies.. i hear it mentioned all the time, but i dont know what it is?
  2. I'm not too sure, but I think it is a female plant that while in its flowering period, has been introduced to light while it is supposed to be in the dark, this screws up the plants clock, and it doesn't bud. Not too sure though.
  3. HIGH All, close Tainted_Purity......stress causes the female plant to produce male flowers so it can reproduce it's self.
  4. An hermie is a plant with both male and female buds
  5. How do you not stress the plant, and what is classified as stress, and at what age are they affected by stress????
  6. HIGH All, stress is caused by light leakage, poor watering practices, heat, cold...if a strain has any Hermie tendacies in it...any of these could trigger it out.
  7. my strain is Misty, it is an indoor plant, and some say it has a high female count, does this mean that it has less chance of going hermie?
  8. HIGH All, hard to say Tainted_Purity...just give them love and time to themselves. Seeds now a days..it looks like they(seeds banks) just breed the plants and send the seeds on the way...no test grows to see what may come of the plant.

    Stress over a peroid of time is the major cause.

    Another thing is people making Hermies to get All female seed...problem with that is Hermie tendencies will be in the plants that come from them.

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