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  1. I not for sure but i cant believe all the posts i see about hermies i think a hermie is a bisex plant from the start it is a hermie. I think a female that intersexs (produces buds then male flowers usually from some form of stress) is different it produces all female pollen which is a good thing , isnst it, a good thing to have all female pollen to pollenate other plants to produce all female seeds. So are all forms of 'hermies" bad, natural hermies are something like 1 out 7 chances so please before we point blame or or say some seed bank "ripped me off" we should look at what went wrong in our gradens frist thats what i think,,, i probaly catch some shit on this one oh well
  2. hermie pollen = hermie plants.
  3. if a female plant gets shocked for any reason and has not been pollenated (a true female) it will still produce some male flowers in a last chance effort to get pollenated. if a true female produces male flowers it will have no male genes thus only female genes how you think they get feminized seed , by picking all the male seed out ? you elemanate the male genes there is no way you can get male pollen from a plant that is a female, female plant has xx chromosomes and a male has xy chromosomes so any thing coming from a female is xx , xx not y so no chance on male genes , plants that intersex produce other plant sex part to insure next season but the plant is still a female plant
  4. That would be a hermie. Any plant with male and female sex parts is a hermie.
  5. please read up on it a hermie is a hermie from seed but a female that intersexs due to so form of shock i different check it out doesn't anyone read anything else besides this forum i have a large collection of reading material on this matter it is a usful tool in fact Aug High Times has an artical on this good luck
  6. I've read , apparently, some of the same material as you on this subject. Better yet, I've experienced in my 16 odd years of growing all three types.

    1.Naturally occuring herms who develop female and male flowers simultaneously.The resulting seeds are hermaphrodite.

    2.True females already showing sex who due to stress turn "herm" and produce male flowers. The resulting seeds produce true females with no "herm" tendencies.

    3. True females who, without stress, produce one or two male flowers and pollinate themselves. The resulting seeds produce all female plants.

    Sure they may all technically qualify as hermaphrodites, but there is a defenite differance, in that #1 will give you only more "herms" while #2 & #3 give only female seed.I KNOW this from experience and planting the resulting seeds from all three types, not from reading some bogus info off the internet. If anyone who has grown and planted seeds from all three types of "herm" would like to disagree, I would be glad to listen, but people who read a guide or two on the net and pass themselves off as experts needn't bother.
  7. I've grown out all three....

    Clonemeister is perfectly correct.

    #2 on his list though will most likely show higher hermie tendancies (IE more chance of going hermie). This is just because it is inheriting all it's parents tendancies from just the one plant, this one plant has the tendancy of going hermie under your particular conditions (otherwise it wouldn't have - obviously there are exceptional cases where some stress is caused but it is not an inherent garden problem), so the chances are higher of it's offspring being sensitive too.

    Once you have hermies in YOUR seedstock it becomes harder and harder to remove them unless you solve what caused the initial stress.

    #3 is the only worthwhile hermie (and even then barely - I grow sensi, any seeds I want are strictly controlled in number and not random occurences).
  8. i hoping on getting the same thing to happen i have some stuff going on now but i got some seeds in the mail and want to try to stress them so i can get seeds to start other people up i have a brother-in-law in another state and he wanted to grow bubblegum for awhile now so what better way to start off than 100% women (cant use b word i have a wife) good luck
  9. Fuck with the lighting, i heard that does it but the genetics can get screwed up= less yeild, less reisistance, and weaker plants possibly. I would just rather weed out the males it isnt that bad.

  10. Messing with the light cycle, or any other environmental stress, cannot effect genetics.Genetic changes are brought about by the addition of new genes.A stressed plant will most likely have less yield, resistance etc...., but seeds produced by that plant will not exhibit the same characteristics unless it is exposed to the same stress.

    You "heard" wrong.
  11. Depends, what do you mean by 'fucking with the lighting'?

    It does matter.

    If you are flowering, 12/12, and all the sudden, you decide hell, for a day I awnt to go 18/6 for no apparent reason, and the next day back to 12/12 that will stress your plant and fuck with it, therfore promoting hermies and other such problems.

    If during veggie you cahnge it from 20/4, to 18/6, that wont bother it, its just during flowering.

  12. You are correct, but it still won't effect the genetic make-up of the plant, or seed produced by it.
  13. you ar emaking a plant literly fuck itself. Im no scientist but i know that if brother sister imbreeding is bad then self inbreeding must be worse. I would rather just weed out the males insted of potentialy making inferior strain. If you want all females, make clones.
  14. take up valueable room plus you can grow outside and not mess with them you kno what will be there in the fall all buds not nutsacks

  15. How do you think the seed banks get uniformity of the desired traits in their strains? By inbreeding. You inbreed successive generations of the same strain, each time breeding only the female that displays the desired traits. After a few generations the strain becomes stable, meaning each successive planting produces plants that are relatively uniform. Once the strain is "stabilized" you breed it with another strain, usually something far removed genetically, thereby producing a "Hybrid". Almost all the seedbanks use these type of breeding techniques to produce the strains they offer for sale.
  16. Yes but beyond 4 or so imbreding cycles the strain becomes deformed and reduced yeilds, yadda yadda yadda... and thats with breeding with a brother and sister not breeding off itself, wich can get unstable quickly. MY point is that the femanized seeds may not be the best genetics compared to the normal seeds.
  17. if the plant gets stressed and produces a male flower that doesn't mean you have to pollenate that same plant you can cut them off and use the pollen later on other female plant i think the pollen will still work for up to two months later if stored right or turn around and use it on a female a couple weeks into flowering ,,,,just my thoughts

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