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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MoW, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. I found the last plant from the group of 5 seeds I had to be a hermie and moved him to yet another flowering area so he/she wouldn't rape my girls when I wasn't looking.

    I did get some good smoke from the last one that I chopped but saved enough of the plant to get it going again after playing at Hydro with it it took nicely back to soil as is budding. The new one that I found is a hermie is the last of the group of old seeds that was very good smoke. And all the seeds came in as hermies appearently from a survival gene.
    I was told very old seeds will do that.
    So that leaves with with two that I will grow for bud and seeds to see what they do.

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  2. That looks like your best plant...are you sure it's hermie?
  3. It's got grape type guys all over the place and when I shake it they dust like snow.
  4. Here's two different shots the first is a clearer shot of the hermie ihad to seperate.

    The second is the remains of a prior hermie that i cutthe top off and took what was left and played with with hydro.
    I shook all the dirt off the roots and dipped it in a bucket of water.
    Then allowed the bottom tips of the root to sit in the bucket I dipped it 3-4 times a day in the water.
    After a while it looked like it wanted to live so I put it back in soil and it flowered nicely and really came back to life!
    So i figured i might get a couple of buds off it. the top stuff was good smoke and now when it goes full course i'll have a bit more.

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  5. Picture of hernie after i trimmed the top and smoked it...grin

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  6. Ohhh I see the little peckers now.

    Those are some healthy looking blokes...too bad they turned hermie.
  7. I moved them to a hermie flower area.
    I slowly have had to add little new grow areas.
    they produced decent buzzlite and come in handy when i need them so I will continue to let them grow.

    Yoy have to see the girls....they got real skinny and didn;t turn oyt good at all in the way of a harvest BUT the only good thing about it was it was mt first grow and I'n hoping things get better next time.

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