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  1. i screwed up my first grow,nirvana -Aurora Indica and snow white. i missed some hermies ,almost 100% sure they were the Aurora Indica and they pollinated my whole crop.
    and when i say pollinated i mean some of the buds turned into 100% seed.I know for a fact that they were all females.it must have happened from stress, since i didnt place any support for the branches until it was too late,also temp was 70 with light off and 85-88 with the light on.I am using co2. i was using a 6 foot light mover with a 1000w hps for a 6X6 area.
    midway (week 3-4) through the flowering cycle I added another 1000w hps.does any1 think 1 of those things could've caused the hermies???
    so im stopping everything and restarting, is there anything special i should do?
    how long does the pollen stay effective?meaning if it stuck to the wall or to something in the room.will it be a problem if i take all the plants out and wait a week and restart with new plants and clean equipment?or will i always have seeds now?also
    can my vegging plants get screwed up from the pollen in the bloom room?meaning can vegging plants get pollinated and turn to hermies also??????

    please help im so frustrated
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    Well , if you bought feminized seeds then there is a good chance that you will encounter a couple hermies. I don't think anything stated could have caused hermies. Branch support does'nt matter and your temps were barely over the acceptable range.

    That pollen won't last but a few days. Just clear it out and let everything clear out. I don't think you have to worry if your plants are vegging.

    Your grow sounds sick. 2 1000watts .... MMM

    Check for light leaks.
  3. funny thing , the snow white were femmed and the aurora indica werent,and it seems like the problems started with the non femmed ones.
    if 1 plants has the most mature seeds does that for a fact mean that plant was the first hermie?if not how do i find the source?????????????

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