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  1. Hey guys, I got unlucky and one of my plants is showing male flowers. I read enough topics that I can tell them apart pretty well ( thank god for this forum and all the wise growers) and I was out of town and my cousin and a friend would check on them, which they did a terrible job at it. Today we got back and the first thing I notice is that my tent is not closed properly and one of the Windows is leaking a bunch of light. I correct those things right away and hope it was only like that for a bit ( it wasn't) anyways I waited until the lights came on and as I was checking them I noticed the male plants. And now looking back I wish I hadn't freaked out because I should have put a plastic bag on the stems that had the flowers and then cut them down. I might have some seeds this grow D: goes to show that you can't leave just anyone to take care of the girls. So what I did was just cut the branches off, check all the other bid to see if I could find any males I decided that it was only those two. I took the pics took the fan leaves on and put them in a paper bag. So basically what I'm getting at with my rant is: they're 5 weeks into flowering. The buds are not really that frosty or big at all but they have good smell and they only had 3 more weeks before harvest ETA could I extract some THC from this or should I just throw it away? Also is there anything I should've done better?
    If you made it this far thanks so much reading and thanks in advance for the advise [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. So I talked to couple of grower friends and they told me to cut down the plant which is what I did as soon as I could

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