Hermies and using switch questions

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  1. Hi everyone!

    So I'm looking to chat with anyone who has experience with hermies and using
    The product switch.

    Basically I had bought female Sour Diesel clones from a clone place and about two weeks into flowering we found balls on a few of the female plants. So we have hermaphrodites! Arghhhh. So we removed all the plants which had balls and killed them...'not worth the trouble of trying to save them. Then we sprayed switch with the foliar optic transport with it as required. This was sprayed on day 17.
    We continued to look through plants and have found some balls here and there... nothing major thank god. But we are continuing to remove plants that we see.
    My question is what exactly does the switch do... does it just kill pollen or will it help stop the development of hermaphrodites and balls. Will it be ok to spray switch again around day 27 of flowering? And lastly do the balls continue to show through flowering? As in do I need to check every second for new balls on plants?

    Any advice on this is greatly aappreciated!! Never had it happen to me but the weather has been weird here this year and I may have got some bad genetics in my clones :(

    Anyway looking forward to hearing your input!

    Thanking you all!

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