Hermies and/or Bananas

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  1. First time grower here. I have one plant in late flower, and a few others early/mid flower. I noticed the possibility of hermies with a few of the plants.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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  2. here's a pic of the plant I will soon be harvesting. I dont think this one is a hermie but wanted to post a pic just for harvesting tips. I think it is ready to start flushing?

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  3. Yeah those are definitely anthers, what you do about it is your call. Keep it and risk getting bud that's full of seed or chuck the whole plant and definitely miss out on all that bud.

    Personally I'd probably pluck as many bananas off as I can and hope for the best. I have had a few on plants in the past and had no seeds. It's a hard choice to make though
  4. Looks good, no where near ready to harvest but looking good!
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  5. I’ve had nanners a few times. I picked them off daily. A couple times a day I would mist the plants with plain water. It makes the pollen inactive or w.e. I’ve had to do it for 6 weeks of flowering b4. With plucking the nanners off daily and misting water I was able to avoid a seedy harvest
  6. Yeah I agree with GrassCityGal, you have several weeks left before those are ripe
  7. keep it for yaself mate.. if its seeded its seeded nothing more you can do ..
    dont bother trying to pull em when they are heavy like yours , that gone full throttle.. whats the strain and seedbank please? did you do anything wrong? i thought i try be clever and pluck once! as you can see in the pics. it was a loosing battle! if you have good plants get rid of the nanners.. it takes 2 weeks for seeds to mature. but i wouldnt bother plucking mate

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  8. thanks for responses. Here are a few more clearer pictures. I think it is definitely nanners.
    It is wedding cake at seedsman. I am new to this and did have them out in the light a once or twice during dark period. My thinking was its fine to be out in some light for 30 minutes, its no different then the moonlight.
    I was definitely wrong about that!!! lessons learned. I just hope the others are safe.

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