Hermied so Hard it Flowers in Vege?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by dave_rabbit, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. Sup all,

    I need an expert opinion on my first ever and only plant. It's a White Voodoo (white widow+maui waui,) from Crop King Seeds, NOT feminized.

    It's been growing slowly but surely, 18/6 cycle, 6500k, nothing but green growth from day one. Just after it grew it's fourth node, I decided to try fimming it to multiply the branches. It worked: it turned 1 main stem in to 2. But at the place where I cut it, it started growing balls!

    I figured it must be stress from fimming that caused it to hermie, unless was a male plant this whole time. But here's where I'm confused - this plant is not in flower but it's growing balls everywhere now. It's about 6-7 weeks old in vege so why is it growing a s**tload of male parts? Some of them have even burst if you look closely at the pics. This plant is full on acting like an auto but it's definitely not.

    It's healthy as hell and I'm going to grow it out for the XP anyway but wtf is going on here? How can a plant flower under vege lights and 18/6?

    20160317_170139.jpg 20160317_170217.jpg

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