Hermied plant from feminized seeds

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  1. I am on my 5th grow.. The 1st 2 went pretty well even though it was a trial and error learning experience.. grow #3 and #4 both ended up with a ton of seeds in every plant even though I used feminized seeds.. I watched closely and thought #4 was fine but towards the end, I found that it was full of seeds just like #3...

    My question is 2 parts... What can be causing this?? I have been told that any light during the night cycle will cause a female to grow bananas.. Is that the most likely cause?? Also, I am curious if #5, which is about a month from harvest has bananas?? I am having trouble telling... I will post pics below... I am pretty sure that #5 has hermied too because I know for a fact that the night cycle has been interrupted by light... I have #6 just starting and will be 100% certain that night time is 100% dark!!

    Is there anything else that is a likely cause?? 20190527_201034.jpg 20190527_201034.jpg 20190527_201034.jpg 20190527_201034.jpg 20190527_201034.jpg
  2. Number of things can cause hermie.
    Light leaks, a lot of stress on the plant, or the hermie gene wasn’t completely bread out for it to be stable. Chemdawg strains happen to be this way as well the hermie genetic just hasn’t been bread out enough to where it’s stable enough not to cause a few seeds here and there.
  3. You posted the same picture 5 times
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  4. Lol I didn’t even realize that.
  5. yup... I definitely didn't mean to, but realized it after it was too late. If someone knows how to delete 4 a d is willing to share that knowledge, I would be happy to clean it up by deleting the copies..

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