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  1. I've been reading the sexing threads all morning... I am confused on my plant... Think maybe a hermie... It's my only plant going right now so if it is I'm gonna keep her flowering...help me pls... And a big thank you from the start

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  2. cant really tell from those pictures. are you sure you just dont see the calyx?
  3. A few pics of the balls I see

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  4. Not sure about the calyx... I'll try to take some pics thru the magnifying glass
  5. Don't the balls typically extend from the branch site, resembling clubs? In my (inexperienced) opinion, you have hershy-kiss looking structures there, the calyx of the female flower.
  6. I'm not sure just saw these come in today and kinda freaked... Was almost positive I saw one pod with the 2 hairs yesterday, but then saw these today during my morning ritual lol.. fingers crossed... She's my first and the only plant going right now so I am not to worried about letting her go a few more days to make sure... Just very curious
  7. Oooh, yeah, I understand your concern. If/when I get this point in my grow, I suspect I'll be just as anxious to find out too. I wish everything in reality looked like it does in textbooks! Good luck though, and give it another day or two too know for sure. I think you have a lot to be optimistic about!
  8. Male ......not good
  9. More pics

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  10. I cant see well enough in your pictures to give you an exact answer, but I dont think you have anyhtign to worry about at this point. I dont see any clear indicators anywhere that would say htat it was definitely a herm.
  11. 99% male... Any chance I'm wrong?

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  12. the first picture looks like balls, again, the quality is not really good enough to properly tell. if you have other plants I would move it away just incase.
  13. Thank you... The best I can do for pics right now.. its the only plant so I'm going to start germ some more seeds today...
  14. good idea. just remember if it is a male, if any of the pollen spread, you will need to thouroughly clean that grow area before you start more in that room
  15. Deff....a male chop down ASAP
  16. That's too bad I'm sorry dude :(

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