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  1. I think I know the answer but just want to confirm that that my 60 day Wonder went hermie on me.

    Thanks for the input.

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  2. why do u think that? it looks like u have a happy female to me....those pods are just new pistils growin . u can see the little hairs comin out.
  3. I saw the pods as bad ... pollen sacs, not new pistils. If they are in fact just new pistils then I am happy and have learned something for future grows.

  4. Yeah I used to get worried in early flower that my plants were hermie because of that haha
  5. Those are just bloated calyxes, I see no male/hermie parts. This usually happens for one, of two general reasons:

    A) Decent genetics (the good)


    B) Pollinated and 'with seed' (the bad, unless you're breeding)

    You'll know either way when you go to chop and harvest, but if you were curious before hand, you could give it another few days, then pinch/remove the most bloated calyx you see, dissect it, and find out whether or not a seed is present.
    Even a gentle squeeze would let you know a seed was present, if the seed was already mature that is, but when they're young they have some 'give' and squish to them, so you may not be able to tell by touch alone.

    Where it seems it's only on the sexing calyxes (which are usually the oldest and most mature 'flowers' on the plant) it could just be good genetics, and where they are more mature they are fattening up. That's what I'm going for in your case.
    But on the down side, it could just be that some pollen was present when they first appeared, and if you're lucky, the pollen has for the most part dissipated by now. Either way, good luck!
  6. That's very helpful information. Thanks.

    The plant is a DNA 60 day wonder auto (the pic is at day 53). Not ever having grown this out I really do not know if the genetics are quality or not. Guess I will find out :)
  7. hows the wonder coming along?
  8. brought back from the dead. also curious to see though.

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