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  1. What exactly does going hermie meen and or do? Ive heard pleanty of referances to it and kind of get it but a full definition would be greatly appriciated thanxs S.M.P
  2. it's like a transvestite....half male....half female.........Peace out.......Sid
  3. if thats the case i guess you dont want a hermie do you?:)
  4. No... You dont...
  5. better than a male.......
  6. better definition is full male AND full female.

    monecious = one house with 2 sex. hermi would be included into that definition. most plants are included into this definition. like corn...the tassel is the male and the ear is the female.

    Dioecious = 2 house with 2 sex. so if one plant is a male and one is female then its dioecious. weed is one and hops(weeds close relative) is another and we use only the female cola on the hop to make beer.

    hermaphroditic (hermi) would be a plant that was dioecious in habbit but due to stress, hormones, genetic conditions or other conditions has triggered the other sex. its trying to reproduce by seeds itself.
    kinda like the plant saying 'damn i cant get any lovin...but sometimes the best love is the love we give ourselves.' or ' my biological clock is tickin away and no one wants to bang me so i guess i had better get myself a test tube and make my own'.

    the thing is...the more a plant does this...the more chance into the future it will do this with less and less stress...the genetics are now inplace.

    many of u know what i think about feminized seeds but ill just repeat it.
    i think it just increases the chances of being hermi. which is not a desired trait. i think u should just do it the way they have been doing it for ever. take a boy..take a girl and put them together to get seeds and take ur chances that females will be more than male.
  7. Thats a good reply Froggy!
  8. That was a very good definition. But then you are the expert of growing hermis here lately aren't you :D
  9. dirty dog hermi's. i hate em!

    % of hermi in a diocious population should be slim to none. just shows how much pressure that we have put on a temperate climate plant. prob why strains like Thai and other close to equator geno types are more likely to be hermi than other areas of growth where there is definate life cycle climates.

  10. Better watch your stress level Froggy. Amphibians have been known to turn hermi or change sex under stressful environemntal conditions. :D
  11. LMAO.....i don't know what froggy would do if he turned hermie....lol.....i'd stay out his way that's for sure....lol....Peace out......Sid

  12. probably sit around all day playing with his tits. I know that's what I would do.
  13. ooooh puffy IS back and he said tits lol........

    thank goodness for girls :D
  14. One time when all i had growing was a male and a hermie I thought well...hermie bud is better than no bud.....never do that again id rather go without (GASP)

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