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  1. Hello and thanks in advance for taking the time to help me out. I believe I might have a hermie but I'm not sure.

    I'm on day 21 of flowering Wedding Cake and I've noticed sacks with white pistils. This is my second grow with wedding cake and I honestly don't remember seeing these sacks before. Please take a look at the photos and tell me what you think. Any help is much appreciated.

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  2. Close-ups of a couple of buds would help.
    Can't see a thing from that distance.
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  3. Thanks for the reply. Forgive my lack of photography skills but I've had surgery on my wrist and it's hard to take them. Hopefully that shows something or nothing better yet. Cheers

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  4. From the pictures, honestly I can't make out much, but IMO I think you're fine...

    Pollen sacks have a small stalk before the actual sac and looks different to whats in those pictures, they usually have more of a hanging look than upturned and against the main stem like that.

    I've done a fair bit of research but I'm only on my first grow, so I stand to be corrected.

    Maybe try opening one of the sacs with some sterilised tweezers to see if a seed is being developed inside it.
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  5. Looks all Female to me.

    Just keep an eye on it for a few days
    to be sure, but no sign of balls.
    Just Calyxes.
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  6. Thanks for taking the time and replying. Much respect
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