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  1. yeah the mars is good my friend,i thought you had a tight budget thats why i posted the Viparspectra
  2. How big is the tent you have?
  3. 5ftH x 4ft L x 2ft w
  4. Ok, have you got the filter and fans set up? ok then the light i showed you should be more than ok with the mars for that size tent,
  5. Yea I have a fan in there and an inline fan and filter sweet then that what I'm gonna get thank man!
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  6. The reason i asked about the fans, is if you introduce extra lights in a small tent the heat can shoot up..
  7. No worries man keep us posted on the grow..
  8. Yea I'll add another fan when I get the other light and I'll def keep you updated

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  9. will sub to this now and hope you do well in your grow my friend.
  10. Thanks a lot man I really appreciate it!......thinking about running photo periods next I've heard they are more user friendly when first starting
  11. yeah, i got 2 autos at moment..but have now switched to photos..they are easier to manage in my mind and you can pick and choose when to flower them..unlike autos..currently running 3 doubleberrys and 1 Afghani sweet delicious.. all still in veg at the moment.. you see i can finish the autos on 18/6 schedule then start my photos .. it's a great combo..then switch to 12/12
  12. I didn't thaink about thatcause that's what I have my autos on now. I'm going to order barneys honey b and ayahuasca purple
  13. Go for it man, think about it will save electric costs like i do, when they are vegging the photos you are flowering the autos so it's a continuous grow makes sense man, then when autos finish flip the lights to 12/12 to flower the photos..where are you the US?
  14. Yea I'm in the US
  15. yeah, man hope all go's well in the grow i'm in UK, it's 3 am lol remember to watch the size of the photo's look at the strain characteristics for your tent you dont want to high or the lights will burn them, just looked up honey b it seems a tall plant gotta be careful about that man
  16. O wow that's a crazy time difference lol I figure if I veg the honey shorter it wouldn't get as tall ?
  17. But you would be better off getting a medium or short strain, you see you can easily train them to what size you want the honey b i'm not familiar with, but it is a tall growing plant according to barneys info, and i would avoid it for the size of your tent remember that photos have the stretch which can be as much as a third of the size when put in flower,
  18. You make very good points I'll definitely look into smaller ones then cause I haven't put the order in yet that's what I was gonna order for the next round I have heard good thing
  19. Things about barneys
  20. Anyone have any ideas on the twisted leaves here?

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