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  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Did these hermie on me?
  2. Not that I can see.
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  3. Those aren't sack in the pictures?

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  4. No sacks I can see underwatered tho

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  5. What does that mean?
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  6. No it doesn't look like a hermi it does look like you under water alot

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  7. O that first one was my very first run at this lol this is the one I was worried about [​IMG]
  8. I just did a res change seems like whenever I touch them or change the water the droop by morning she perked up tho

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  9. So what are those sacks if you don't mind me asking ?
  10. Not from what I can see the only thing I see is a calyx opened up and just burst besides that you need some work on that plant
  11. Swollen Calyx's.
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  12. I see thanks!
  13. I posted the pic of the plant I was worried about that other one was my first run which failed horribly but this one is doing a lot better I think? [​IMG]
    It's so big it doesn't fit in the tent
  14. what light you using?, looks a light deficiency to me that's why small popcorn buds, and how far into flower?
  15. On the big one it's an auto it just started flowering last week I am going to invest in a bigger light in only using a mars 300 right now
  16. Yeah thats the way forward bud, get as much light to those buds to increase their size!
  17. What size led do you think I should add?
  18. just get the biggest that you can afford, those buds will soon swell up once the extra light is their!, check ebay for used stuff, if cost is tight, I mean it's one of those hobbies that you put into it what you get out of it..if you only do it half assed you get a crap crop, but spend a little and the cost will pay you back over and over !
  19. Sweet thanks I've been looking at the mars 600 to add to it but wasn't sure if that was enough for 2 plants
  20. Viparspectra 300w with the mars should be great, here's a link to a ebay in europe but you get the picture what to look for, i'm in the uk, and these are cheap brand new should be some offers where you are.

    ebay number just put it in the search.. 181830027176
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