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  1. Hey guys,
    2nd grow here (using t5s). Lighter color is fem seeds c99 darker is berry bomb. 
    On week 1.5 of flower but the day switched to 12/12 left the light on for like 19 hours. Forgot to flip it from on to timer. 
    My friend told me he was convinced it would hermie cause of the stress of the flowering bulbs being on for so long. I am not as convinced. 
    What do you think??? Thanks!


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  2. Nah she's fine. Once in a blue moon something like that isn't going to affect her. She prolly thinks it was a really cloudy day. Why not get an automated timer than no worries?
    I have grown a shit load of plants and have never grew a single hermi.  You have to have shit genetics or be a colossal fuck up grower.
  4. I have made so may mistakes and now I finally have one in flower and continue to experiment and cause mild undue stress. And I am not even worried if it hermies. I figure if it does then I learn something and hopefully get a supply of feminized seeds.Sent from my SGH-I337M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. There a bit more hardy than that, your friend hasn't grown very much, she'll be fine, get a timer though, if you want to know more about what hermie's look like ive got a sticky in this section called how to tell whether your plant's male female it cover's hermies with a few pictures.
  6. their are also a lot of reversal/hormone stopping sprays coming out for hermaphoridites and for the price of around 20-30$ a bottle which will only give you 2 applications I think its still worth it especially if you only get to do this once a year (outdoors).
  7. I have been growing for 14 years continuously, The "light and hermies" thing is WAY over-blown!  A single exposure to extra light, or dark, shouldn't make any difference to most strains. We have been culling out the hermie genes for decades.  Every year, our plants become less and less likely to hermie at the slightest stress!
    And the same goes for light leaks! I grow in a closet with the door open 24/7 for ventilation (unless the landlord is over making repairs- once in a blue moon!   :cool: ).  About 8 feet from the open door is a lamp with a CFL in it.  It is one heck of a "light leak" and an inconsistent one, too! Sometimes it is on, sometime off during my plants "night", but it does shine directly into the closet. If the "light leak = hermie" thing were true, I would have had a bunch. But so far, I have had only TWO!
    Now maybe the "Ganja Goddess" just loves me "cause I'm "Granny", but I believe that cannabis genetics are growing more and more stable as time goes on.  Hermies may eventually be bred out of our cannabis! :yay:

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