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  1. I'm bout 11 days into flowering and I'm seeing pistals on the bottom nodes, and balls on the uppers.. possibilities that its just not developed enough or is this too far along and I'm looking at a hermi?
  2. Pics would help immensely. Impossible to tell you without em
  3. Some pistals some sacs, just not sure if the sacs are undeveloped because the sacs are still covered by fan leaves that I haven't had anywhere to tuck, or if she is a shim...
  4. sorry, but i think you got a hermie. I would let it run a little longer to make sure, but its leaning that way so far. Late hermie can be managed, but this early on doesnt look good.
  5. Should I hold off another week and if the pistals don't pop out could I cut those sacs off?? Or am I stuck pullin seeds outta the nugs?
  6. Depends, is this the only plant your growing right now?
  7. This is the only plant I have going
  8. sinc you dont runt he risk of pollinating any other girls, you can let it run. PLan to spen about 30 minutes each day picking off balls, i wouldnt let them grow as it uses up plant energy needed for flowering.

    Always spray each ball with water before and after you pick it off (water makes pollen worthless). You dont want to pollenate your girl, but you want to get rid of as many seeds as you can. Smoke wont be the best, but it will be smoke.
  9. Would seed pods still have two hairs on it.I have two plants that might be genies.
  10. Might be hermied.sorry for that.
  11. Yes, hermies will have those two hairs sticking out. True boys wont have the hairs.

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