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  1. Or too early to tell?

    I'm flowering her in 2 weeks. The bottom half of the plant is covered with small calyxes and just a few days ago these things started showing up. Is it possible they could be calyxes that aren't displaying pistils yet?

    Thanks for your help!

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  2. looks male to me but its hard to tell from a pic
  3. looks like u got some a dude trying to crash ur party
  4. Looks male, but still very early.
  5. thats awesome, 6 'feminized' seeds and already 2 of them are males.

    By very early, do you mean that they could still end up producing pistils?
  6. [quote name='"sweetis"']thats awesome, 6 'feminized' seeds and already 2 of them are males.

    By very early, do you mean that they could still end up producing pistils?[/quote]

    That's why I'll never fuck with feminized again. Only bought 1 tenp pack ever. Regular seeds are supposed to have stronger genetics and if you get a male you could always save the pollen and make your own seeds.
  7. Looking like balls to me. What strain is it if you don't mind letting us know

  8. Post a picture next week of the same plant.....

    I love how all these people say male when it's still to early to tell...:rolleyes:
  9. the first pic has balls. I dont really see any pistils in any of your pics.
  10. How is that plant to early to tell? It doesn't look herm it looks like a straight male.

  11. Bubble kush

    will do, I'm glad you're as optimistic as I am! lol

    I'd like to flower it april 1st and be 100% sure of its gender before throwing it out but before it releases its pollen.

    If it is male, how long would you say I have before it pollinates my whole crop?
  12. Uh oh... it's this part that has me worried :( Like others have suggested, keep an eye on it for a day or two, some plants (afghani crosses especially) occasionally develop secondary branch sites in about the same area, just before sexing, but that one, big, long one looks like it may open up soon, and while its tip is very pointy, it doesn't look very lady-like (nor does the 'cluster' behind it)! :eek:

    Are you keeping things nice and dark after lights-out, any feed, or ph issues?


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  13. Ah, i remember whenever I had a hermi. I was so proud when I discovered that plant was female, and I almost didn't believe it when I saw balls starting to grow on it, crushed really. Here, I'll even attach a picture as to what mine ended up looking like.

    I cut the only salvageable bud off (which was a few grams) and smoked it, and it turned out not being that bad even though it was very premature. In all I ended up having 3 females, 5 males and that hermi. One of my females actually went hermi at the very end of flowering, and I subsequently harvested her, apparently seeds only take a few days of growth to mature, because the male flowers must've gone undiscovered no more than 3 days. Half the seeds I got were brown and solid, the other half were whitish and immature.

    Its just a natural occurrence in nature, usually predetermined by genetics, or perhaps if the plant gets stressed; where the cannabis plant produces both sex organs, and supposively if you do allow the plant to pollinate your females, they will most likely produce feminized seeds.

    check out this article

    The Truth About Feminized Seeds | Cannabis Culture Magazine


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  14. They did experience slightly higher than normal PPMs for a few days and consequently some of the new growth had nute burn.

    Interestingly enough shortly after they experienced this they showed their first sign of possible staminates. I've always assumed nute burn was pretty low stress and I didn't think it could actually cause hermaphroditism.

    Although their dark time has been dark I didn't think that really mattered during veg?

  15. Thanks for that article I think I'm done using feminized seeds! I've read posts of people's plants turning hermie toward the end of flowering, that's gotta suck, also what I'm afraid of.

    I've been contemplating building a smaller section of my flowering chamber just for these hermies so at least I could salvage something from them lol.
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    The weaker the genetics, the more the little things matter and can starts to add up, especially if you've got a few problems that crop up all at once.

    From the sounds of it though, it wasn't going to take much, if anything at all to turn your plants over.

    Darkness matters the most, or much much more, during flower, but I've trashed out (refused to continue growing) some genetics in the past for similar reasons, that they hermied a bit too easily, I believe it was Nirvanas Blue Mystic circa 8 years ago that had the some issues with only the slightest bit of stress. When I get new seeds, I abuse them to see what they can handle and to decide if they are adequate for keeping and breeding. The ONLY plants I use for breeding, come from females who are after revegging (or whose clones are) in their second bloom phase, and only if they didn't create any male flowers during their first 'abuse' bloom phase. When I create feminized seeds using hermies, they are from females who took me several harvests and bloom-sessions of abuse, to produce male flowers.

    To touch on some of the above comments, naturally or too-easily occurring hermies are NOT what you want to use for breeding!.. inexperienced and lazy breeders use these, and growers who buy their stock wind up with 'feminized' seeds, half of which or more turn hermie.
    Hermies can catch a grower by surprise and pollinate a room much more easily, while initially disguised as a female, than a true male who produces obvious flowers from the start, so when working with feminized genetics from a 'iffy' source it's more hassle than standard seeds when you get down to it!

    Under high-powered HIDs seeds will generally mature in roughly two - three weeks depending on the strain, some take even longer.. if you have a substantial number of premature seeds, mixed with a few mature, that means you've been pollinated with two separate occurrences either due to trapped old pollen or new male flowers opening.
  17. I just went thru this with regular seeds .8 out of 8 males! WTF! thought i'd go regular seeds to get stronger genetics.The plants were everything you want....just males. I ended up buying clones to keep my perpetual garden going while i start new seeds and hope for the best as they are all feminized and now i'm not feeling secure as i was seeing your results

  18. That's horrible :mad: I'd suggest writing the distributor, but then again, many of them sell for 'souvenir' and storage purposes only. If it's a big and reputable company or distributor, they may be willing to cut you some slack on your next order, or they may toss in an extra pack of freebies.
    Did you wait for clusters of balls, or did you kill them at the first sign of male sexing flowers? If you saw clusters of balls, then that's that, they were definitely males, I only ask because some strains and do produce secondary branch nodes in the lowest sexing areas when they are young, which due to their shape and placement, look a lot like male flowers. These branches either die off, or develop slowly, and later on you suddenly have pure female flowers up top.

    Genetics, or those being supplied frequently, seem to be a bit more iffy these days than years past, but I suppose you win some, you lose some... these days seeds and clones are much more readily available and there's more variety now, too! :)
    Plus more and more people are sharing their growing experiences on line, I've never personally had a 100% male grow in all the years I've been growing, but I've seen and read that it's happened to other growers often enough in recent times to know it's not impossible, or even uncommon.

    Anyhow, good (better!) luck with your next crop! :smoke:
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    Wow that is horrible, at least you knew they were males though and you didn't flower them only to find them turn hermaphroditic a week before harvest, which in my opinion is much worse considering all the $$ on nutes and lighting you'd spend only to throw them out anyway.
  20. To answer your question i cut the plants soon as i saw indications they were male no waiting and hoping. 20 yrs of growing has taught me not to waste my time on them let alone the space and money. I got the seeds from a private grower so no recourse. I'm not big upset because i was able to get some really nice strawberry diesel clones from a local source that i wouldn't have otherwise. The seed market is so big now that there's more crap out there than the last time i bought seeds a couple years ago.

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